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H1Z1: 5 Tips to help you win a Battle Royale

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5 Tips to help YOU win a Battle Royale in H1Z1! Having won a few, I wanted to explain how I did it!

Hopefully these tips help you, but if you had a tip I might not have mentioned, leave it in the comments, you might help me, or anyone else watching!

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  1. Bro……  i love ur commentary
    Make sure TODAY make Video about H1Z1 Thank you!!!

  2. Great video man! Hope you can see this 🙂

  3. Hey great vid. What's your advice on vehicles in BR? how important are they early on? When should you ditch it? Are they useful in the last 10 fight etc.

  4. You deserve so much more love, it makes me wanna create 1 million accounts just to sub to you. Good intro good outro ? Is that a word ? Idk you speak clearly and you look cool ! I want that hair !!!!!! Keep it up and one day I believe you will be a famous youtuber ;3

  5. posting this half way through bro, great video you're really good to listen to! you should do an update version of this, a lot has changed 🙂

  6. Im new to this and i get nothing about the map. Cant you click it so you see where u are going or what are you people doing?

  7. i was just plying h1z1 and i was in final fight and i died cuz the guy came out of the gas atleast i got 2nd place woohoo!!!

  8. Best tip for new players: play to get better at first, not to win. Learn your guns and your map.

  9. what is the song in your intro, dam i remember it from long time ago.. haha.. think it was long time ago atleast

  10. Phillippine Politics,Defense and Economy says:

    ewwww shotgunsssssssd.

  11. Your right about the forest but less loot and enemies. I landed in a forest to where I found a motel and little ranch but they were all looted. I found a bow and like 10 arrows. The pages rolled in and the closest thing to me was the radio tower were I only found an m19 with 9 bullets and the revolver with like 10. That was it for the whole round until I made it to the final 15. Found a shottie, and camped in a bathroom until I was found and died at number 13

  12. Dude I hate when the toxic gas killes me no one killed me till now WTF FUK TOXIC GAS

  13. My god, this is so much helpful, thanks for making this video

  14. Hey how do you open your map to see where the safe zone is?

  15. What settings do you play on Also what do you use to record I use shadow play atm and in my video it looks like im lagging ingame but when im playing i'm getting a good 150 – 190 fps high settings (I don't like ultra) but I know it wasn't lag it was my mouse so do you recommend any good cheap mouses cus mine is quite old and is getting really glitches

  16. i ran to a loot crate freshly dropped just go tshit out of it… only ar ammo rest was useless.. no medic no back bag no hunting rifle -_- got bombed 10 secs later

  17. You probably won't read this or reply, but keep up the good work dude. I had no clue who you were when I was watching this and you did one hell of a job with this video. I wish the best of luck to you, and you got a new sub

  18. on my 3rd game ever i got 10th and then got sniped by a sniper in the final battle

  19. i have some tips i want to add.

    tip 1: do not die

  20. Always be prone and jump while fighting so its hard to shoot u but u need to be good with keybaords

  21. how do you even get on battle royale it is on the just survive game but where plz help

  22. right now everyone knows this stuff , is there anyway u can help with fighting tips or some new stuff

  23. I just picked the game up the other day, and one thing I feel would be extremely useful to new players is to add weapons and cars to the "holding area" just prior to the game starting, maybe even add a mini shooting-range. Everyone would still have invulnerability on, but at least this would let new players practice their aiming, driving, car mechanics and such prior to actually playing.

    I'm not a huge FPS player, but i'm finding the aiming in this game as trickier than most i've played. Starting to get the hang of it after about 8 hours of playtime lol.

  24. There's no technique to camping till last 10 then start fighting

  25. well, they changed alot now, not saying this isnt helpful but: toxcicity is now a thing, and for every safezone u loose health alot faster, and get alot more toxcicity alot faster, a few more weapons, more pisto7ls, ak-47

  26. Did you use the same paint to your hair that you used for the walls or visa versa XD

  27. Why dose it look so much better when it was older

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