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H1Z1 BATTLE ROYALE has been REMADE in This NEW Release!

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Welcome to “H1Z1 BATTLE ROYALE has been REMADE in This NEW Release”
Survive in this terrific Battle Royale with 2000 zombies around you. Be the last man standing to enter in the Zombie Horde Mode and reach the top of the leaderboard. Good luck survivors..
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  1. I’m still salty about how h1z1 devs updated the game into the ground. This video makes me very happy. Am purchasing rn

  2. I’d definitely watch more videos of this!

  3. The running is a little goofy looks like it’s being fast forwarded

  4. Hey Royal. I honestly feel like this game would do decent on your channel because of the zombies numbers in this BR and your style of game play so I bet it would bring some cool gameplay videos as a game to show on your bottom list of video recordings for your channel. Not a every day videos but some to keep on the back burner for videos. Or even streams I would bet

  5. loved your h1z1 series and would love to see more of this.

  6. So it's the battle royal garbage and not Just Survive.

  7. more content on this game please, would love to see more about the crafting mechanics and possible updates for future crafting, also more of a lay of the map also. cheaky spots and exploites.

  8. I just want the original H1Z1 back with Just Survive. The company needs to sell the rights to another developer and send them the files for mid term H1 when everyone loved it.

  9. this looks great im buying it now i miss h1 so much was best game ever 5 k hours on that came so quickl

  10. What i liked about H1Z1 was teams of five we played for hours on that mode if they had that in this would be amazing

  11. This has a lot of potential.

    Also potato.

  12. Looks fun bro. Needs a little work. Should improve.

  13. if im not mistaken are the zombies not the zone closing in maybe

  14. Absolutely please more! H1z1 colda have been the best Br game ever made. Unfortunately they let the hackers run rampant

  15. I wish that Dayz would have taken more of the horde approach as I think that is the most engaging zombie types. Maybe mingle some sprinters in there but have like 20k zombies on a dayz map would be wild. Might crash the server though.

  16. hello just came from the stream love the new stream and vid schedule

  17. Now that looks like a fun Battle Royale game. Great looking environment and smooth looking gameplay. Thanks for sharing Royal!

  18. what are you saying bro? We definitely want, or NEED more of this game. the question is are you ok with creating more!?! if we could just align our goals over here. ya know what i mean? everybody that wants more, we need to share this out. so we can get this community where it needs to be…

  19. I'd like to see more because you really seemed to enjoy it from the beginning. Also…leader boards

  20. I wish there was a survival game that focused heavily inside of a huge desolate city. That would be really cool

  21. I hate the running animation in this game. It's too fast and just hurts to look at.

  22. zombies I'm interested. It should be in ur Ini/config whatever they put it usually in C:UsersYOURUSERNAME

  23. Looks like a great game. Def would want to see more

  24. How crazy I found your channel because of h1z1, hadn't watched for a while and randomly searched you up a week before this video

  25. I would love to see some more of this! H1Z1's King of the Kill, PUBG, and Ark's Survival of the Fittest were some of my favorite content you put out! If you get Christian, Boomer, and Demo to join you, I think you guys would all have a blast!

  26. Looks good man I’d love too see you play more

  27. Looks good!

    The Zone change is way too long though, maybe a third of the current time. Depends.

    The Horde absolutely needs to be randomized in time and direction & run the map in rivers not the mist = horde zombies (lane).

  28. There actually used to be a variant of regular battel royal in h1z1 where you also had zombies like in this game, interesting!

  29. I saw Glock9 play this game like 2 weeks ago and theres already plenty of new stuff in game + there was only bots in his lobby so game is slowly picking up and devs working hard sounds promising. Ps: to extract u kinda need to use a smoke grenade or perhaps flare scares zombi otherwise not sure what other implications they may have.

  30. Looks like fun definitely would watch more if you make them.

  31. H1z1 was the goat and first battle royale game there was 🔥🫡

  32. all nice . i dont like the chararcter,she is run like a pingunin

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