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H1Z1: Battle Royale – PlayStation®4 Launch Trailer | Daybreak Games

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H1Z1: Battle Royale launches out of Open Beta on PlayStation®4 on Tuesday, August 7! With a Battle Pass, new weapons, a new vehicle, and more, check out the launch features here: . H1Z1 is proudly brought to you by Daybreak Games.

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  1. Fuck off. Now you go free? Your game was trash when it was "Early Access" and 20 bucks and you didn't give a shit about updates or the community. The developers are just thirsty for easy money, so they implemented something that went well with Fortnite.

    A couple of years ago Early Access was the trend, so they did that. Now its Free2Play with optional payments, so they changed it as well.

    I don't even play Fortnite (because i heard its way too addictive and I don't wanna lose my job) but if I had to choose i'd definitely pick the development team that cares about the opinion of the users and its constantly adding and changing stuff to these trash developers that grabbed cash on the hype moment and after that esentially told everyone to go fuck themselves.

  2. Is the full game out now or is this still the beta

  3. I bought into h1z1 for survival on ps4 its been threw years, I know SoE got sold off a couple years ago (which is still unreal to me) and you have had unexpected success with battle royal mode, but I would love nothing more than to play h1z1 survival mode on my ps4

  4. Suggestions: Can we a get at least one respawn per match.. I die then I got to wait 10 minutes to start over. No bueno. 2) leave a circle zone open at the end so we can actually have a shoot out and not die due to the gas!

  5. What’s the name of the female skin wearing the red skirt

  6. So happy this game got the much needed mega update it did. I'll be grinding this game asap

  7. Jogo muito bugado desde o menu até o jogo. Poucas armas. Se não tiver um veículo você não sobrevive a pé . Mapa horroroso e controle do paraquedas é horrível.

  8. Is it still region locked or no?
    Thats pretty much the only reason why i deleted it during the open beta, due to my friends and i not being able to play.
    (I didnt wanna go solo)

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  10. Porcia las dudas, el juego en PS4 pesa 10,931gb

  11. H1z1 is so bugged! You guys need to work on this. Game play is completely f 'd ! Hit market issues, remove the jump animation so kids aren't jumping around like horny rabbits. Add a climb animation and maybe a ladder. Slow down the gas….. the list goes on. And we haven't even touched on the weapons….
    Learn how to make a game guys… fix your crap!

  12. Please update h1z1 at playstation Malaysia😭

  13. this might actually be at least as good as PUBG
    PUBG needs to add an RPG and more vehicles

  14. I'll play this game forever if they put a airplane so we know were to land

  15. Please daybreake hear this massage I'm sure you get money if the update we can wait 1 hours or month if you want


  17. The fuck you say to me you little shit…

  18. Nah kid put it on Xbox I’ve been dieting to play

  19. H1z1 developers learn form comments or you will be broke and bankrupt

  20. Sempre presente, H1Z1 PS4, Squad TDL, TDL é a Tropa

  21. remember when this game was good bf they removed oceana from the servers lol

  22. Hello gamer ps4 wall hacks. Nick: say_no_more34 utiliza hacks lag

  23. Its not functioning well this game. And lots of gliches. Lots of cheats. Not fair. Fix it or hire me to boost the game.

    U are just working for money but u dont know u screwed up. cancers

  25. we need are just survive back when they droped that game it was like they are droping all the fans of this type of game plz plz plz plz let us know whats going on with just survive if its going to come back

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