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H1Z1: Battle Royale – PlayStation®4 Launch Trailer | Daybreak Games

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H1Z1: Battle Royale launches out of Open Beta on PlayStation®4 on Tuesday, August 7! With a Battle Pass, new weapons, a new vehicle, and more, check out the launch features here: . H1Z1 is proudly brought to you by Daybreak Games.

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  1. Put all this Stuff on Pc.. hell please. Fuck on this high skill gap. Fuck on These 2k nerds wich are crying for ps3 revert. I guess there are a lot more Player, loving a diversivied Game like the ps4 Version!

  2. And waths happend with H1Z1 of PC? Still a shit?

  3. What I need is the zombies version of this on ps4 then I'm happy

  4. Bon ba… C'EST BIEN 😀 enfin j'imagine…

  5. i’m a new h1z1 channel, going to stream and upload victories as much as i can.. especially come the 7th.. be a HUGE appreciation if you subbed and checked me out, all i ask is your time for 2 mins.

    Have good day guys!

  6. Looks like they finally changed the sky! Looks brighter!

  7. Need leaderboards..feels like u play for nothing! Every win crate is a duplicate:(

  8. Please fix the crossbow for every 5 arrows there 3 duds that do absolutely nothing for damage to ppl ? No hit marker nothing..m

  9. PS4 brought this game back and now that it's coming out of beta this game will be greater than what it was before welcome home all H1Z1 family

  10. no ranked system 💩💩💩💩 no rank no play

  11. Esse gráfico não é igual do PS4 ,por que não melhora esse gráfico

  12. bruh i think u missed something…

    H1Z1 for PS4 was realesed months ago…

  13. what you need to do daybreak is add first person and make it mouse and keyboard support boom sucessful

  14. Ranked games, how are we ranked and where can we find our ranked statistics ?

  15. Until they add 3rd person aiming it's H1zzzzzz1…I'm sleeeeeep.

  16. No offence Daybreak but all I want is the survival mode, why is it so hard to get?

  17. Please don’t support this company. They have very scummy business practices. Just stick to fortnite

  18. I hope they have a leaderboard soon.

  19. The beta was so baad.. we will see how is the graphics and weapons' handling now!🤔🙃

  20. It's not what was promised all those years ago when you were suppose to release H1Z1 to the PS4 . After that you decide Hey lets just bank off Battle Royale . Tired of game companies saying It's coming when it should have been it's here.

  21. The guy in yellow looks like a mix of Bruce Lee and scorpion from Mortal Kombat

  22. Will the game be free or do I have to pay?

  23. “Remorse is not a option” well just like any other br game accept this is more chaos

  24. Release the update now pls ive been wating all day stlill downtime

  25. The side effect of playing games with the theme of war and killing is unbearable. Don't fall victim to these kind of games and let the game makers follow love and compation in their naratives.

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