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Halo 6 Could Have A Great And Unique Battle Royale

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With Halo Infinite on the horizon, we explain why a battle royale experience in the Halo universe could be a real contender to Fortnite, and Apex Legends.


  1. Halo is already lost in terms of good story. Halo Battle Royale would be sick. Halo already has great fluid movement and aiming. The potential map design. The armour. The health kits. The great weapons. Imagine Construct, Valhalla, and even The Library in a large playable Halo Ring world…

  2. Ridiculous. Unimaginative. Cash grabbing.

  3. They can make whatever they want. But if this gets in the way of a quality campaign mode (i.e like campaigns before Halo 5), I won't be buying.

  4. Maybe halo Batt Royale would be the best gaming francise to do a batt royale because the rest are dog shit your constantly falling through the maps and shit maybe halo would smash this market because of how well put together there maps have ALWAYS been

  5. last man/team standing exist doesn’t it? making it on a big map with barely any weapons counts too right?

  6. Clearly you don’t read articles 343 has said the only BR they are having is the Battle Rifle so fuck you

  7. ….i won't rant and swear but BR will be a catastrophe for halo. if halo 6 "infinite" has BR not buying

  8. I mean if u want to further alienate the core fans sure go ahead add a a battle royal lol. It's shit like this that make question why I'm even subscribed to this channel.

  9. Why not a BR mode? I have been an OG halo player since day one and I've enjoyed every aspect of halo since it came out. If you want to play the campaign, play it. If you want to play arena, play it. If you want to play warzone, play it….if you have such a negative opinion on BR mode, simply dont play it. If the developers wish to add BR mode to Halo infinite the only thing it will do is increase player count overall for the game. Younger Video game players who are a fan of BR modes and have had no exposure to halo games will end up buying Halo infinite to see how the mode plays and could potentially be blown away at the halo universe and be a new fan….tl;dr: i dont understand all the hate at the thought of adding a BR mode. If you hate BR modes then just dont play it.

  10. This is ridiculous you deserve the roasts and all the dislikes. And it's called infinite not Halo 6. Yeah I just nitpicked your title because I can.

  11. Oh good. Lets take a game with a great story driven experience and shit on it by dumbing it down to the mindlessness of modern day fps free-for-alls. Yaaaayyy… Just stop it.

  12. Jesus Christ himself would dislike this video. 😇

  13. No, shut the fuck up. It has been confirmed multiple times by 343i months prior to this video that Halo, specifically Halo Infinite will not feature a Battle Royale mode.

  14. 6:20
    "New dances, new emotes"
    The only emote that is worthy of being in a Halo title is the T-bag.


  16. people do not love playing battle royales they are forced to since that is all developers are making cause there cheap and easy to make and all it is, is a cash cow for loot crates so a good way for developers to make profit and then lay off employees since battle royales don't need marketing or support really

  17. If Microsoft is investing crazy money in Halo Infinite , and Like Halo 5 it has many different game modes, and is constantly being updated. Then I’m down for BR. It would also help attract new players to the franchise.

  18. Saw battleroyal and halo in the same sentence NOOOO

  19. Take away unique and great, and replace it with repetitive and bland

  20. Fuck battle Royale that shit died long ago and it would just kill the halo franchise even faster and it would ruin the hype behind halo 6. Fuck you.

  21. Halo 6 doesn't need to be ruined with battle royales infestation.

  22. Why does everything have to have a battle royale. No one wants a halo battle royale.

  23. If Halo 6 has a battle Royale….I will loose all respect for halo

  24. Why can't this battle royale shit just die? We don't need it contaminating and infesting our Halo.

  25. If they add battle royal it should be a mode and still leave the campaign and every other game mode

  26. if halo 6 gets a battle royal im gonna fucking snap my fingers with the infinty gountlet on and be proud

  27. I really wish they would though. They took deathmatch and revolutionized it. I think they could do the same with Battle Royale. Bring back the classes from Reach, use the flood as a storm wall or out of zone area, introduce all the OG classic maps as sections of one huge new battle royale map, drop from pelicans or ODST pods, there are so many possibilities. I think they’d be stupid not to. Halo died for me when 343 took over, they could totally redeem it for me if they did this. I honestly probably won’t buy it if they don’t. Like it or not, Battle Royale isn’t going anywhere.

  28. I hope it has a battle royale. I don’t see why people get their panties bunched up over different game modes.

  29. I actually think a Battle Royale in halo would be AMAZING

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