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Halo 6 Could Have A Great And Unique Battle Royale

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With Halo Infinite on the horizon, we explain why a battle royale experience in the Halo universe could be a real contender to Fortnite, and Apex Legends.


  1. Funny how a video that gets dislikes will get more and more because people cant make there own decisions and hop on bandwagons following what others think…….. I dont understand the hate behind Battle Royale games. How many FPS Games are out there? How many RPG games are out there? How many platformers? etc….. The people that say Battle Royale isnt a genre, its a mode. Then what about Team Deathmatch game mode? What about open world exploration? What about collectathons? what about fetch quests? etc…….. made my point

  2. If they are just chasing trends it won’t be good. Halo is already on its last legs and a cash in br could kill the series at this point.

  3. I just hope that the single player side of the game ends up being brilliant. I really don't care about what they'll do with the multiplayer aspect.

  4. I wouldn't mind a battle royale as long as it doesn't take away from the rest of the game. I think a battle royale could be good if done right

  5. People will till just make a battle royal on forge, I don’t know why people hating


    They were cool at first but now, it’s sooo fucking annoying! Just gimme a classic Halo game and everyone will be happy!


  7. Delete this please halo is as good as it is

  8. 343 already said they have no interest so why make these dumb videos?

  9. They literally released a statement saying there wouldn’t be a BR game mode…. did you guys not do any research before making this video.

  10. I swear
    If they add BR mode I'm staying on playstation and Nintendo

  11. I don’t see why people that loved Halo 5’s multiplayer as well as Warzone are so opposed to Battle Royale being implemented into Halo? 🤔 Warzone seemed like the biggest formulaic step towards Battle Royale just in terms of its scale alone. I think if 343 implemented Battle Royale into Halo Infinite in a way that it doesn’t detract from the quality of the game’s story and other multiplayer modes, then it could actually be really, really good.

  12. Nobody:
    Gamespot: HALO + BATTLE ROYALE
    You became the enemy of the state.

  13. I mean, why not? 343 industries has already fucked up literally everything else they've done with halo. Why not join everyone else in being a goddamn sellout to battle Royales.

  14. Changing the title doesn't make this video any less stupid Gamespot…

  15. I think a halo battle Royale sounds awesome

  16. If 343 tries to implement this flavour of the month crap it would be one of the most irritating things 343 ever did. Focus on the core elements of what makes Halo a great game not pandering to trends and attempting to cash in.

  17. No. Just no. Im swear to god I would kill myself.

  18. NO! NO HELL NO! JUST STOP IT. STOP IT. STOP IT. GODDAMN IT. Not everything needs a goddamn battle royale. Alright? Ok.

    Edit: Also you lost a subscriber. Congratulations, you played yourself.

  19. I think Halo could be a great BR game. Drop as an ODST, have a quicker time to kill

  20. It has the potential to be the best BR experience overall.

    Imagine dropping from the Infinity down to a halo or planetary surface to an outpost and arming yourself with human, covenant or forerunner weapons, and then hunting down other Spartans in Halo’s huge open world with almost every vehicle at your disposal including pelicans and phantoms.

    I wouldn’t mind them taking a page from Warzone and require some legendary or mythic loot to only be dropped from bosses of the same tier.

    All of that on top of Halo’s legendary gunplay, is an experience that Only Apex could keep up with in terms of quality.

  21. I don't think I could care less about Halo anymore if I tried, but even I can recognize that would be ridiculous.

  22. "There are those that said this day would never come…let's keep it that way."

  23. Title changed from Halo 6 should have Battle Royale to Halo 6 Could Have a Great and Unique Battle Royale

  24. Someone please down load this video and save the page. This video will surely be deleted soon due to the amount of dislikes. We need proof to remind 343 that we the fans DO NOT WANT battle Royale in Halo. We want a GREAT STORY! How about doing something innovative like making the campaign multiplayer and your buddies can help you out in certain parts. Basically moving through the game together.

  25. Did they change the title of the vídeo?

  26. Whatever happens.. please stop with these bad comments.. respect each other.. they are talking about Halo respect that, even if you are not agreed with their opinion. I want a battle royale only of they have other game modes in the new Halo like swat and all the game mode we were used to be . An extra thing wouldnt be that bad. We always have our game modes if it turns out bad.

  27. >0:13 Starts showing Halo 5 gameplay
    >Labels it the master chief collection

    Gamespot I haven’t even gotten to the part where you discuss the terrible idea of battle Royale in Halo and you’ve already messed up.

  28. Battleroyale is just a fancy name for 1 life free for all

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