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Halo Battle Royale Gameplay and Impressions…

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Halo Battle Royale is finally here, let’s play and check it out. Developed by Forge Falcons this was a pretty good first impression. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. They did have that last man standing game mode that was similar to battle royale, but this one is way more fun

  2. I HAVE BEEN DREAMING OF AN ODST BATTLE ROYALE!! Make them odst bring back medpacks, you can call in weapon drops from orbit, extract from flood via pelican and hell, the cutscene could be a nod to that ONE warthog mission we all loved and remember. JUMP INTO THE BIRD AND EXTRACT!!! They need to make it

  3. This is similar to the last spartan standing mode which was released I think in season 2

  4. This is why more games need to have forge/creator modes

  5. They don't need to tarnish Halo's slowly degrading name further with an official BR mode. no reason for it as it's been way over used.

  6. So far that's just "last man standing", a mode that's existed in multiplayer FPS since about 1997. It doesn't have any of the scavenging or survival elements associated with "battle royale".

  7. The maps on forge are amazing. Look for toys in the attic. Its incredible

  8. Halo 🗑 🚮. It will never be what it used to be like

  9. Halo Forge is the future. They literally built Cod Zombies and a Battle Royale the madlads

  10. Clicked on the vid just to be disappointed that it's not an official game mode boo

  11. Not launching with Forge really ruined any hype this game had. There were also a slew of other issues. I'm glad its in a good state now but man i wish it launched better.

  12. Halo Infinite Battle Royale suddenly makes sense seeing a random Brute Chieftain drop in, fuck everyone up, and leave. Real bull-in-china-shop vibe.

  13. Kinda tuff watching you play and not knowing any if the guns and mechanics…

  14. glad for the exposure Halo's getting from the updates, but holy fuck 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮 "look at all the skins" . switches out a purging shock rifle for a skewer 👀👀. This is what it's like in any solo lobby in infinite sadly.

  15. ODST definitely needs the love more than Chief at thus point.

  16. This just shows how Fun a Halo BR can be.

  17. Super fun to watch Jack, you did well for not being too familiar with the game.

  18. Anyone else think this looks super boring?

  19. I think the 25 person lobbies make a lot of sense for Halo. If it was truly in 100 person battlefield on a big map that would get absolutely batshit insane fast. For this being a forge map and rules this is incredible

  20. Looks very cool, I don't know why they havent made it official, drop from the sky in pods as a team of 4 or 3 would be very fuxking cool

  21. Yes please for god's sake funnel all the sweats out of casual playlists. Thank the lord.

  22. I mean are we really saying this looks fun? We just watched jack roam around for 5 minutes with absolutely nothing happening…. looks like a pretty lazy afterthought to me..

  23. Turns out… battle royales are fun! I remember when a bunch of people on the Halo reddit were going nuclear after they heard the studio were looking into a battle royale. Hopefully people are more receptive nowadays, because a true BR mode would be awesome.

    Halo’s classic arena gameplay is so high stress, whereas battle royales tend to be much chiller. Halo needs that to survive.

  24. The moment you mentioned ODST, I was just thinking of it while watching this video. Lol.🤣
    It's true that fans think alike.

  25. halo br wouldn’t work since the pistol is literally one of the best guns like there no point in getting other weapons unless its a power weapon lets be honest here

  26. With Forge Ai and 343 getting fired and the MCC team being hired in replacement, I think Halo might be BACK BABY!!

  27. Imagine throwing the pistol away.. The strongest thing in the entire game in close to mid range 😂

  28. This man traded the pistol for the commando 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  29. Nice loot stash whos getting raided next big yoink incoming in 15 min

  30. Ya spawning needs a lot of work. Played 3 rounds & couldn't find a better weapon than my pistol before I died. Only 24 players in a match compared to the usual 99 (& I can last a lot longer) on other BR games. I'll be honest I'm not the best at these BR games but when you die that quick in 3 matches it'll just turn other gamers away. Looks promising but needs some tweaks.

  31. There was no battle Royal made officially cause nobody wanted it

  32. They can't even make a good regular halo game anymore, let alone a BR lmao

  33. No thanks. Go play fortnite, go play cod, go play pubg, or just keep battle royale away from Halo imo.

  34. Using the ODST for battle royale would be a better experience than using the Spartans.

  35. Halo was literally made for type of gameplay too bad they didn’t do it sooner

  36. Yes odst are a better choice for battle royal Also another cool thing If you go past the red Barrier It's all flood infested.

  37. 2:30 dude’s got a shockrifle and is using a commando to hit a guy from afar 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. An official "Battle Royale" in halo should actually be the next iteration of ODST.

  39. Don't get me wrong, glad to see Halo advancing. Feel like there's a lot missing here. Players left, mini-map so you know where the zone is pulling, that in your in a gulag not just limbo? Halo is on the right path, just so much more needed to make it great… Great job Jack for bringing your perspective.

  40. This was really good fun, so impressive they managed to build this. Apologies for my voice, bit under the weather at the moment.

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