How Did Battle Royale Games Take Over The World? -

How Did Battle Royale Games Take Over The World?

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The battle royale game archetype has taken the world by storm with the leading title in the genre, Fortnite, breaking record after record, pulling him an enormous player base and dominating in online viewership numbers.

The genre has become so popular and saturated to a point that the video game industry has reached an oversaturation of battle royale titles and developers rush to push out a production, capture market share and cash in on this craze.

But how did we end up here? In today’s video, we trace back the origins of the battle royale genre and track its evolution from a humble mod into the industry titan that we’ve come to know in less than 2 years.

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  1. Because you used the fortnite text fount does that mean you like fortnite the most?

  2. you guys deserve more views. the amazing editing, the polish, and the informative script all is pretty much unmatched by other channels of your size. I hope you guys blow up.

  3. Battle Royale games are awesome. Some people say they're boring. I say they're thrilling. Some people say they're cash grabs. I say they've earned that money. Some people don't like the genre as a whole. I say that every new BR deserves a chance to shine, and that more of them should. In particular, I think Darwin Project is my favorite BR that hasn't kicked off yet. One day, a new BR will release that will blow everything else out of the water. It hasn't happened yet, but I think it's coming a lot sooner than we think.

  4. The Sword Art Online Dickriding Association says:

    Fantastic video.

  5. I wanna know how much time was put into making this beauty of a video

  6. This is very interesting and entertaining. Good job. Should have more attention

  7. I have to say. Battle royal games are my least favorite

  8. Bro during that intro I thought you were talking about the hunger games

    I was sorta right

  9. Excellent work, really good content, congrats !

  10. Amazing video, very insightful. Hope you do more following this line. Cheers!

  11. this video is absolutely fantastic man. 10-10

  12. Im sad you only talked about H1Z1 so little… Other than the Arma games, H1Z1 was the real 1st BR that did it right, and you gave like no screentime to it

  13. I guess I’ll stick on overwatch 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

  14. plot twist: all the games are in their own battle royale rn

  15. Watching dusty boomer news anchors talking about video games is always some brutal cringe

  16. Smh everyone knows the first battle royale was Cain and Abel

  17. This is such a good and interesting video I'm surprised it doesn't have more views

  18. I hate battle royales but as they said, they are like a drug.

  19. I really hate that Realm Royale never took off. that game had a lot of potential and top tier players ready to push it.

  20. No mention of the film, The Condemned. Stone Cold at his finest

  21. This video was super well edited, entertaining yet somehow it only has 13k views rn?? This vid just got me to subscribe lol.

  22. Even tho fortnite at this point is a meme you cant deny it changed history it changed gaming it changed us games are better now because of battle royales we have some of the best games now and I cant wait to see the future that has been setup for us

  23. One of the best videos I've ever seen. Loved the buildup you did for pubg

  24. People Think BR is Dead And Suddenly BAM Warzone

  25. #1 good thing about fortnite. Building
    #1 bad thing about fortnite. Building

  26. COD warzone is relatively new and is doing pretty good because it has new features like the gulag, buy stations, and load outs.

  27. this was beautifully put together and is certainly underrated.

  28. Battle Royale was the worst thing to happen to the gaming community

  29. Apex Legends ain't so bad. I thought it would be awful af, but it turns out ok. Those who hate it need to play and at least get some experience before talking. Hey, Fortnite copied off of other battle royale games. Idk why people hate pubg and apex legends

  30. I think war zone might be the best

  31. Like if you think COD Warzone is the best Battle royale

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