How Fortnite TOOK Over Gaming - Battle Royale Explained -

How Fortnite TOOK Over Gaming – Battle Royale Explained

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How did battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends get so popular so quickly?

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  1. PUBG wasnt the genre defining title, H1Z1 was

  2. Fortnight hasnt taken over gaming, it's gotten 13 year olds into gaming. Most people cant stand fortnight.

  3. Im playing fortnite but not for battle royal, only team rumble. I feel fun playing team rumble..

  4. I did play but do not understand the hype of it. It's kind just an update and evovled Free For All genra notably from CrossFire and CS. Mpistly CF though including their new zombie mode and story and graphics to mechanics. Probably because their from and developed in a same place and have and both have connections to the biggest and largest distributor of games to some degree. Nothing but glorified FFA.

  5. I thought this video was sponsored by fortnite

  6. Was that slideshow the best gameplay video of apex legends you could get? You guys have so much hardware to use to catch some decent footage

  7. "appeal to the more hardcore sex of the gaming community"


  8. There was a craze of mini militia battle even before pubg.

  9. Just COD Mobile is way better than the Fortnite’s both mobile and desktop versions. I just tried it once, I don’t know how people are enjoying it. It’s nowhere near a strategy based game, you just need controller skills. Everything is super janky.

  10. fortnite is a ridiculous game like his clone…

  11. 1:40 Battle Royal does have a movie adaptation, but actually based on a book called, you guessed it, Battle Royal…

  12. No. If every person that played those games would die we'd be off so much better in the world.

    "It's more apealing to get fucked by rng"~Linus
    "No time investment we're all buzzy" Then don't play. Stop wasting everyones time.
    "It's fun to watch" Fuck streamers and E-sports.

    Creating a future of narcists. Thanks for forcing me to raise your useless kids.

  13. linus didnt drop anything. and he danced! I think this is the worst possible LMG video

  14. Have u seen minecraft hunger games b4 or any battle royale games in minecraft well no u didn't MINECRAFT NUMBER 1

  15. We’re just gonna completely forget about H1Z1?!?

  16. Only kids play fortnite. Its a kids game.

  17. nine months later and this aged like fine wine


  19. i wonder how many people even realize that fornite was originally a zombie game

  20. liked that Hunger Games reference at the end! xD

  21. pretty sure it would be more accurate to say that looter shooters stem from DAYZ, which also had a mod for battle royal. which moved into h1z1.

  22. As it appears, the answer seems to be NO!!!
    The populace is becoming childish, immature, and this reflects game choice.
    Minecraft anyone?


  24. ♕TyonorShapz C7TJFVB7-CAZ [★Your No.1 Instrumentalz/Rap Archive] says:

    Tenns play this crap 😛
    I think its made for them in mind. But if you play this when 16 still then youre pretty dumb 😉

  25. First battleroyal you mean ARMA 2 right.

  26. Hey! This video is inaccurate now because he said “how they compare to other shooter titles.” There are battle royales that aren’t shooting games (Fall Guys and Tetris 99) now

  27. I am semi-exclusively a single-player gamer (I occasionally play Monster Hunter World with friends, but only because I am "forced" to for friendship's sake), so I really had no idea what made battle royales such a big deal and any different from the other multiplayer shooters in the market. So yeah, I learned a lot from this video. And yes, I know it's 2020 already.

  28. Linus: unless you're living under a rock
    Me: I didn't realize how popular fortnite was until late 2019 by that point Minecraft was racing again not that it matters mainly because I was just been watching Minecraft videos all day everyday

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