How to ACTUALLY play Clash Royale -

How to ACTUALLY play Clash Royale

Orange Juice Gaming
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How to play Clash Royale with micro and macro strategies. Basic and advanced tips. Massive thanks to Samsung Galaxy for sponsoring today’s video! Make sure to register for the $100,000 Galaxy Battles: Superverse event now:
You can also find out more info about the NEW #GalaxyZFold5 here: #samsungpartner

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  1. i would like to see oj vs beniju , i wonder who would win

  2. ممكن شحن لا اعرف الانجليزي لاكن اتابعك❤

  3. there is another way in which you can play the game, just put in the money and you will be unstuck…. for a while

  4. When the best youtubers of each game join the chat

  5. They should've invited molight, morten or ian to demonstrate some even advanced interactions. That would've been better content i guess. This works fine as well tho.

  6. Im too far into the rush strategy to go back now and when i lose i just swipe up and leave for months

  7. Best video !!!! It’s feel so great to see this from OJ,
    Who’s cutting the onions !?

  8. Me watching this video instead of studying for my exam

  9. holy shit judo sloth and oj collab!!!!!

  10. it doesnt matter how good you are,the strongest card in the game is always your mom's credit card

  11. why is HE making videos for advanced players exactly?

  12. OJ shouldve taught them about knockbacks too

  13. What judo did wrong was that he kept defending all the time

  14. Hey oj which card your favourite? My favourite card is P.E.K.K.A

  15. Day 21 of asking OJ to make an animated intro for time machine videos
    Week 3

  16. OMG what was the voice it was coming in the start of the video!!!
    u didnt had the mic with u?

  17. Thanks i havent played clash since 4 years so im kinda bad at the game (i recently started to play again) and ive been watching more tips for clash, so i hope this video helps me

  18. I like the fact we got the biggest youtubers of clash of clans, clash royale, and brawl stars in the same video

  19. Tutorial videos are back 🔥🔥🔥🗣️🗣️😭

  20. I think I will be an Accountant after this 👏👏

  21. TechJ is back and all it took was a samsung sponsor.

  22. It's surreal seeing Oj put on the pro strategy boots again for for a video.

  23. As an X-Bow player that defence from Judo was mind blowing.

  24. First you should to be learn how to play you Won game's just because of money 😑 player like Lan77, light and Oyassu are real player, 😑😑

  25. 6:13 I do like this but with a goblin Giant instead of the ice golem. It works great against a mega knight

  26. OJ next video: "I shouldn't rush"
    proceeds to bridge plant all troops

  27. Even with these tips, we still can't beat evolutions and level 15 feasibly!😀

  28. OJ's time machine never lets us down 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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