How To Enable FIRST PERSON Mode In Fortnite Battle Royale -

How To Enable FIRST PERSON Mode In Fortnite Battle Royale

Tabor Hill
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Watch until the end of the video. You’ll laugh, I know it.

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  1. Yeah, I'd be up for a bit of first person Fortnite, looks like it needs some work yet.

  2. The glitched battle Royale first person somehow looks better than the save the world one, in save the world you can’t see what your holding, and it’s really weird, it’s like when you used the dmr and it went glitched except always.

  3. Rue became a Necromorph from Dead Space! 🤣🤣🤠🤗

  4. Hi tabor I really like to play with my cosmaticks and skins. If fortnite is going on first person in br I'm going to quit the game

  5. I will actually come back to it in fp mode

  6. well this is a glitch…so dont enable this

  7. What I want more than first person mode is attachments that you put on at very stations you would find attachments throughout the match

  8. The combat shotgun is also first person and it’s not glitched

  9. I hoarsely think first person can be the new big feature for next season as this has good work on it done now also that this isn’t a leak but an option in setting causing a bug

  10. When using a dmr you are invisible on your screen but other players see you

  11. Man turned Fortnite into scarlet and violet

  12. This is sick I did it and the scar and combat shotgun are the best guns

  13. As an Apex Legends player, first person in Fortnite sounds awesome. 👏🏽

  14. I've been eliminated 3 times by a first person player. Didn't check if it's same person. It never showed any of the person playing like yours did though I can't recall if it showed the arms and guns. It did show scope site. This was right after update so I thought it was part of it and I just couldn't figure out how to turn it on.

  15. Hey there Tabor, I'm trying to write this through the tears!! That's the funniest thing I've ever seen!! I was laughing through the whole pickaxe scene until now. Very funny, two thumbs up 👍!

  16. If you need save the world….then it’s pay to win.

  17. The reason why I like fort is because it's NOT a first person shooter

  18. when i turn off fp in settings is till have it why?

  19. Tabor the goat fr, been watching him since chapter 2 season 3 for the aqua man skin

  20. It’s a lie! There is no first person mode in the settings!

  21. Your losing peripheral visibility with fpv, not that useful and not worth the hype

  22. you know the combat shotgun works in first person its way better view

  23. IM ALMOST AT THE SAME LEVEL AS YOU AND I HAVENT BOUGHT ANY LEVELS! I know you don’t get the chance to play a lot but it still makes me happy

  24. Thought I would hate first person mode but after I did this glitch I’m really excited for it

  25. This is so cool
    Testing out what
    Works smoothly vs
    It works
    It dont
    Or it breaks

    All ik rn is do not use scope weapons of any kind or it breaks everything
    Aka you turn invisible for yourself so you cant see nothing

  26. Heres a list of all the weapons that i quickly tested in creative to see in first person.
    Torch- too zoomed in
    Assault rifle any- perfect
    Prime shotgun any- bit weird
    Dual pistols any- only when aimed
    All bows any- offcenter only in aimed
    Burst pulse rifle any- offcenter in aimed only.
    Two-shot shotgun legendary- good but lil zoomed in and aimings off center
    Stinger smg legendary- only aimed offcenter
    Six shooters all- only aimed but good
    Ray gun all- only aimed too low cant see
    Flashlight- only aimed and broken
    Shadow tracker- little zoomed in but good
    Scar any- only while aimed
    Heavy assault rifle legendary- only while aimed
    Charged smg legendary- offcenter only while aiming
    Revolver any- good but only while aiming
    Rapid fire smg legendary- little lower than crosshair and only while aiming
    Miniguns any- broken when aiming
    Primal pistol legendary- too high to see and only while aiming
    Combat smg legendary- pretty good
    Sidearm pistol legendary- lower than crosshair and only aimed
    Drum gun legendary- good angled
    Ranger assault rifle legendary- only aimed and too zoomed in
    Hammer assault rifle legendary- only aimed and too low
    Pistol legendary- bit low almost good but only while aiming
    Primal assault rifle legendary- only aiming bit higher than crosshair
    Hand cannon- only aimed bit low
    Combat shotgun legendary- perfect!
    Dual fiend hunters- only aimed alright otherwise
    Pump shotgun legendary- too zoomed in
    Burst assault rifle- only aimed too high above crosshair
    Combat assault rifle- only aimed slightly lower thsn crosshair
    Hunting rifle- only aimed slightly lower
    Machine gun uzi- only zoomed needs to be lowered
    Submachine gun p90- only zoomed
    Cant see
    Combat pistol- too low and only aimed
    Tac smg- only aimed, needs a little lowering
    Combat smg- perfect
    Primal smg- only aimed in way too low
    Lever action- only zoomed too low
    Paint launcher- too zoomed in and lowered, aiming is too high
    Repair torch- only aiming, almost good but holding it wrong
    Makeshift revolver- only aiming but good
    Fiend hunter crossbow- only aiming too far back and offcenter
    Makeshift rifle- only aimed offcenter
    Heavy assault rifle blue- good but only while aiming
    Flashlight pistol- perfect but maybe while aiming could be a smidge lower to use its sight better
    Bandage bazooka- too zoomed in, aiming does nothing diffrent

    Anything not there either doesnt work or i passed by accident breaks the game aka anything with a scope that already goes into first person like snipers and the thermal guns
    Some only work when aiming
    Some work like full first person

    The best to use are

    Assault rifle
    Two-shot shotgun
    Combat smg
    Combat shotgun

    Not much but all these work nicely and work both unaimed snd aimed in

    Hopefully fortnite will have a fully first person gamemode/ setting that fully works or more for now just a fee mote weapons with first person aiming
    I only tested battle royale weapons but would be cool if they fixed all the save the world weapons too

  27. When you scope of the DMR you’re not fully in first person you’re invisible just to yourself but others could see you

  28. I really need try the first person mode in stw

  29. I'll probably never play that unless I am forced I don't really like first person that's why don't play cod and seems like a waste of all the skins I got if all I can see is my gun..

  30. It looks like you’re controller has stick drift if you spray a little bit of wd40 on the stick that’s having problems it should fix it for a while!

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