How to Make A BATTLE ROYALE Game😱 -

How to Make A BATTLE ROYALE Game😱

AsasinoManik • Insanity Crew
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  1. Tu r@ndi ki aaulad hai , time waste kr diya 😑

  2. Dishoom mobile bahut Pata na Hamen Dada mat bol bahut marunga

  3. Bhai mein to inter scheme launch karunga Jo tu abhi launch bhi nahin Hui

  4. Uber ka ola and swiggy us time pe india mai acchi business opportunity thi to isliye sahi desicion tha, genious 😂😂

  5. YouTube 😈 – wtf bola abb toh video demonitize karna padega 😈

  6. I'm here for the genius content 💯💯💯

  7. Bhai phele paisa kherch kerke battle royal game bnao fir, government ise ban krede fir ase game ka kya faida 😅

  8. Brooo woke up and choose violence 😂
    But sahi kaha, agreed👍

  9. I want to make a bottle royal game 😅😅

  10. Bhai mujhe bhi game developer Banna hai pr mujhpe ek system nhi hai…..

  11. Bro silence the f word bro. read new YouTube policy

  12. Manik to battle royale games: I am about to end your whole career .

  13. I want to make a game and I started but I not have idea

  14. Bro I want to make a game like freecity from free guy

  15. Bhai kosis jari hai aap ki teaching skills se sikhte hue

  16. i thought the video said.. how to make a battle royal game … what a waste of time…

  17. Abe saale
    Vahan se dhundh dhundh Yahan per ham

  18. Bhai vah Kya Karen Kya Na vah game na boring market Mein Sab

  19. Tum jhampak Island ho jaega Gaurav bahut acchi Si beautiful city mein aaunga

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