How to Play EVERY Win Condition in Clash Royale -

How to Play EVERY Win Condition in Clash Royale

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Legendaray showcases a guide on how to play every single win condition in Clash Royale! From the Goblin Drill to the Electro Giant, the best decks for each win conditions are also shown. Enjoy!
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  1. Hey bro I love this video it was very informative. I want to let you know there is a mistake on 14:24 you mistakened the deck with miner cycle. ❤

  2. why is three musketeers here and not ice golem?

  3. !!! The mortar deck is wrong, its just the miner spell cycle repeated !!! @Legendaray

  4. I'm suprised he didn't even acknowledge giant skeleton

  5. I've been playing Lavaloon for 4 years now, and found some success with a non-meta version; Lava and loon (obviously), arrows and fireball as your spells (because sod dealing with firecrackers), then skeleton dragons. Then, in a twist, all ground from here; skeleton guards, dart goblin and tombstone as your building. Most of your success will come from the sheer value you can get in defence from dart goblin behind something to tank. And don't first play your hound, that's how you lose real quick to a heavy ground card. Set up tombstone or guards for an opponent's push ( tombstone when used well can counter most of a mega knight, and a dart gobbo behind will finish it completely. If they spell it out, guards will finish the job and leave you on positive elixir with a small push, just an example) and only use lava when you know you're up enough on elixir that your opponent won't be able to support a push. Naked balloon can provide a surprising amount of pressure, and if you need to fix your cycle it's a much less punishable option than a lava hound.
    Try it!

  6. How come pekka isnt a win condition but 3 musketeers and xbow are?

  7. turn to Jesus Christ he loves all of us more than anything and he literally died for us. He took in the punishmrent for our sins thru on the cross. It wasn’t cuz we deserved it, but cuz he loved us. 1 John 4:10 “This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins” it was thru his love that he died for us and we can be forgiven

  8. The tornado at 20:51 was beautiful. Prevented giant from crossing bridge while graveyard was casted and pulled night witch and giant out of range of xbow.

  9. I'm starting to realise how irrelevant I am playing giant skelly, sparky.

  10. crazy that, upon launch, there was really only like 8 win cons. the game has really expanded

  11. As soon as i see anyone put any sort of giant or 6+ elixir card all the way in the back i immediately place giant balloon to punish them and ruin their push while taking a crown

  12. I'm at 7500 trophies with a self-made deck I've used since 4000≈ trophies, so I certainly don't have a necessity for this video, but it's too well made for me not to give it a full watch 🙂

  13. Funny how yesterday I made a E-Golem deck all by myself and from scratch and I putted both Healers and E-Dragon on it and he just recommends them… I'm insane D=

  14. My hot take : Ice spirit win condition

  15. For mortar he literally showed the miner one again

  16. I still use pekka as my win condition now at 2700 trophies

  17. So the mortar deck he gave us is a deck without mortar?

  18. i'm an avid lumberloon player and i will share my deck for anyone that wants to try it

    evolution firecracker/normal firecracker
    mini pekka
    ice spirit
    earthquake (to deal with buildings)

    the average elixr cost is 2.9. it's a very solid deck and it's really fun.

  19. Plat me od ai raw you ugly stijkiv is een 😂😂❤❤❤

  20. dont play this game, is the worse 99.9% is hacker

  21. I tried to return to an older style of video today! Hope you enjoyed!

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