How to Use Goblin Giant | Clash Royale 🍊 -

How to Use Goblin Giant | Clash Royale 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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Tech video on how to use and defend against the Giant Goblin! He’s not all that bad and has a lot of potential in certain archetypes. He potentially works VERY well with Graveyard due to the fact that he can tank and eliminate smaller swarm units like bats. The mechanic is very different but I think it’s a great.

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  1. Pray to Jesus today you will never regret it a relationship with Jesus is the only way to Heaven explicit rap is the music of the devil don’t listen to it 😁

  2. I don’t think The goblin giant Spira goblins should be able to hook on the tower The main points is defense


  4. This used to be my fav card, i always used it with musket, witch, and mini pekka with zap. I used it to push from arena 9-Leagues

  5. ⁣⭕❕⭕❕❌

  6. Always happy when I find an oj video I haven’t watched yet

  7. In the rascals tech vid, he said the rascal boy does the same amount of damage as one stab goblin so if the goblin giant (excluding the spear goblins) do the same amt of damage as rascal boy then goblin giant does the same damage as one stab goblin. Coincidence? I think NOT

  8. You use him
    He dies
    But most importantly,
    You can't counter attack him bacc

  9. I can imagine being one of the 2 goblins on the back

  10. The reason why I love the goblin giant is that the spear goblins in the back take care of the flying troops weld a goblin giant take care of land troops so he can basically kill both kind of…

  11. The thumbnail be like: u got games on yo phone

  12. i was expecting OG title
    'how to counter and use' goblin giant

  13. positive elixir trade

    – orange juice gaming

  14. What if the spear gobs had extra range on the back

  15. I just realized that the giant goblin uses knife!

  16. I Hope there’s A New Giant Troops The Giant Archer And the Giant Minion

  17. Stupid! You can easily defend against this shitty card with skeleton armies. If your opponent use spell to kill off skermies then just drop mega knight. That's what I see every time someone use that shitty card.

  18. Oj cheesed us so bad. In the title of the video, it says "Goblin giant", but in the video, he says "Giant Goblin"…. HMMMMMMMMMM!!….<( ̄︶ ̄)>

  19. 2:45 the pekka is so strong that even with such a low health he literally almost destroyed the entire tower

  20. This is a balanced Version of the electro giant before it got released.

  21. The fact that he dies so easily to stuff shows how bad he was on release compared to now

  22. The Goblin Giant drank a little bit of dark elixir, making him big like 1 small cup of it thinking it was regular elixir. Just like the bowler but bigger and he didnt drink alot of dark elixir.

  23. I use only goblins, it’s very fun, I suggest it

  24. Why the giant goblin in the thumbnail looking like edp445

  25. HOW TO COUNTER IT IN JUST 4 ELEXIR – miniii pekaaaaaaaaaaaa

  26. I kited a mk and a Pekka with goblin giant thanks

  27. Waiting for the rarest tech on youtube CR : Goblin tech
    I predict youtuber might see this comment

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