How To WIN MORE in Clash Royale (2022) -

How To WIN MORE in Clash Royale (2022)

Master Diddy San – Clash Royale
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Clash Royale – How To Win More In Clash Royale – How To Get Better At Clash Royale – Cr Tips – Clash Royale Best Deck

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video on how you can get better at Clash Royale fast! By watching the entirety of today’s video you’ll be able to win more games in clash royale by using these Clash Royale Tips!


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How To WIN MORE In Clash Royale (2021)
0:00 – Intro
0:46 – Epic Montage
1:15 – Different Sections
1:43 – Tip #1
2:50 – Tip #2
4:22 – Tip #3
5:00 – Know Their Deck
5:28 – Banger Example Match
5:57 – Clutch 👀
6:24 – Things To Take Away
6:45 – Advanced Tips
8:26 – Thanks For Watching!

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  1. Join uhhclan we need 2 more people for a war

  2. make a video about counting the opponent's elixir and cards, this are the tactics used by top ladder

  3. These seem like 7 obvious tips, but alotta people surprisingly don't know this stuff (im talking about people above 5k trophies)

  4. The thing about elixir golem is that you have to use them at certain times you don’t just throw them out there and you better have elixir to defend with otherwise you’re just defeating yourself. I get him to work but I don’t use him all the time it’s generally for vulnerabilities. When elixir becomes more rapid at the end of the game is when there most useful

  5. I love elite barbarians for hog rider defense it’s funny watching him get chopped down especially with the electro spirit

  6. Anyone else here after he was the creator spotlight?

  7. Diddy make the required trophies to challenger 2 pls I’m in challenger 2 and I really want to join

  8. I dont know if i can take tipps from a dude who think rocket and gob barrel at the same time is the play of the plays.

  9. i think that you should build a deck using deck shop pro that has godly defense and at least great offense and stick to it instead of using decks that are on meta. Just learn how to play a deck well (especially against meta cards like mega knight.) I use a very off meta deck: witch, giant, gob barrel, valk, skelly's, fireball, arrows, inferno dragon. Use a deck that you know how to use, but other than this, all of your tips were great.

  10. Wdym
    I'll tell you how to get good:

  11. Please can you help me to see if my deck works because im not %100 sure
    Lava hound
    Baby Dragon
    Mini Pekka
    Barb barrel
    Dark prince

  12. That rocket goblin barrel deck has saved my life

  13. Step 1: Spend $100+ on the game
    Step 2: Done

  14. Bro I just want better cards I only have Miner and Princess and I have 3K trophies

  15. join my clan it’s “get2smokin” and it’s gas lots activity and donations by me🙃 and i’ll really appreciate it 😈😈

  16. I just started playing an I'm almost on arena 2 but I can't I just keep losing right before I get there
    Edit:I made it to arens 3 I'm almost on 4

  17. Thanks for the tips. So you could improve on your videos I would just like to let you know that the music is a bit unnecessary because it makes it harder to understand what you are already saying very quickly. Especially when this is a kind of video that people going into are not very knowledgeable to begin with. I’m no big YouTuber, but just my two cents. Cheers.

  18. ???? were starters so we don't know what the heck u are saying

  19. i was 3 wins away from arena 5 with 1213 trophies and in the span of 15 minutes i dropped down to 1040. 😕

  20. Your talking to fast. Your switching screens to fast. You keep doing that point zoom in. This has potential to be a great video but you ruined it with pointless stuff. How do u expect anyone to understand when ur taking so fast and switching screens and zooming in on ur face every two seconds

  21. All I face are e barbs , mega knights and wizards , Help 🙁

  22. I remember watching you when you had like 30k or less your channel has grown alot

  23. My man looks like James Charles btw nice video

  24. I tried everything he said and i lost like 600 trophys😐

  25. Make a video on the best deck for mid ladder and how to play it

  26. I was about to throw my phone down the stairs sfter an 11 loss streak. Thank you for making me not throw my phone.

  27. What if I don’t have any of these cards?

  28. Horrible video for non native english speakers, by moment I absolutely can't understand what you're saying even with subtiles on

  29. wait i say that off meta decks u most time loose well thats wrong

  30. Here’s my tip mabe make the game highlights bigger than your animations. I can’t landscape view so it’s hard for me to see your videos. And a tip for players getting better. I’ll say you need to learn how to combo. I see how you didn’t emphasize this with your gobrocket. But there are META combos and combos you can create. You touched it a lil with synergy. But for example valkbarbbarrel, banditbats, exenato, and lavaloon. There’s so many that can be created.


  32. I just litteraly started and im getting melted so im here

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