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I Became the Global #1 Player in Two Horrible Games

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This is the greatest leaderboard climb of All Time


  1. TF2 engineer gaming from tf2 from the game developers Valve TF2 engineer

  2. This game is just that spongebob scene with Patrick destroying the computer with a rock
    (The first one)

  3. Ade budak Malaysia 🇲🇾 wkkwkwkwkkwkw

  4. Outside the Grid's creator has a serious MDickie Complex.

  5. Am I the only one that thinks the Cyber Hunter game looks low-key fun

  6. Yeah cyber hunter Is one of those games that you need to become gold rank in order to actually play with all players lobbies

  7. I am number 1 in team games globally in clash of legions
    Starcraft basically remade on phone

  8. Play CRSD:FOAD formerly known as Cuisine Royale

  9. Cyber Hunter 2077 looks like it kinda slap doe

  10. heran betoi dngr suara anak ckp bahasa melayu dlm video rupanya ada budak melayu padan lh

  11. 6:00 can’t tell if this is indonesian or malaysian but I’m willing to bet it’s malaysian because it doesn’t sound angry enough

  12. Im so sad that i only have 109 iq so i will never be able to experience outside the grid

  13. So did people buy this game just so that Charlie could have people to do the multiplayer with? XD

  14. Cyber hunter was a good game but it has too many hackers now

  15. That fortnite killer has potential lmao , id play that over Cyberpunk anytime .

  16. lol the game had only 3 players until charlie started streaming and his fans hoped on the game

  17. "Zezima"

    Well thats a name I havent heard in a minute.

  18. Cyber hunter is getting slowly better
    the art for the game is amazing

  19. Actually most of them were bots, Mobile players could have wiped the floor with you

  20. I think the kid that play cyber hunter is malaysian or indonesian

  21. Cyber Hunter went SO Hard when I played with friends lol, it's too bad how much the devs dont give a fuck about it and now there's a shit ton of cheaters (as expected, really lol)

  22. It’s the worst when there’s one player left and he dies in the zone

  23. That battle Royale one is literally pubg mobile lol

  24. Lmao I love how the whole game is just weird music and banging walls with rocks🤣🤣🤣

  25. Lol i actual understand what the what they kid say the speaking Malay

  26. i love pubg hemorrhoid downgrade

  27. Charlie plays against asian on mobile phone and still wins

  28. I actually played Pub G on mobile once and slaughtered everyone, I dont think the mobile phone is the problem its just that people who play mobile phone games generall don't play fps games lol

  29. The Only Thing Im surprised is that theres a Malaysian in Cyber Hunter whos Called Prince Amsyar which im surprised

  30. Prince amsyar is a lucky Malaysian,he didn't even know hes playing with jesus

  31. I was the #1 Player on Pixel Gun 3D back in 2014 lmao

  32. cyber hunter is one of the few mobile games that i highly regard

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