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I Hate Battle Royale’s…

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Okay i dont hate them but there’s days where i dont feel like touching them. Battle Royale Games in my opinion are the most entertaining Gaming Genre right now BUT a lot of the current BR games are just repetitive and stale.

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Hey everyone, Today was just one of those day’s where we played Warzone Plunder. I had the option of playing fortnite battle royale, Apex Legends, or even PUBG. But i wanted to play COD instead.


  1. Yo I think the guy in the gulag was killed with a stone cause my guy fade got out of there with 0 kills

  2. Fade:"the only battle royale that lets you respawn."

    Team Rumble: I'm bout to end dis whole man's career

  3. three words that wouldn’t stop popping in my head: Fortnite Team Rumble

  4. try playing a blackops game or play multiplayer modern warfare

  5. Fade, what you know about persona 5 royal music because that was nice in the beginning low key.

  6. I like horror games I haven’t seen a lot of those lately

  7. Pls continue Detroit after the last of us 2 pls

  8. You should play red dead redemption 2, I think you’ll have fun playing that

  9. I think warzone is the only fun battle royale

  10. I’m glad I subbed to a person that feels the same way about battle royales as me

  11. Fade: “I hate battle royale games”
    Also fade: “I’m boutta start sending people to the gulag left and right”

  12. U should've hopped in the lobbies that swagg hops in

  13. Fade: "I'm the goat at the gulag"
    Vikkstar123:"I'd like to have a word with you"

  14. Warzone is my best game in the world nothing can stop me from playing it

  15. Really like that background persona 5 music fade

  16. Can someone please donate me the rengade radar it would make my day

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