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I Made a Battle Royale Game in Unreal Engine 4

Fat Dino
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Fortnite is too old. I Made my own Battle Royale game in Unreal Engine 4.
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The Unreal Engine is a AAA game engine developed by Epic Games. How to make games? Easy. On my channel I wanna show you that game development, gamedev might be easy and fun!

It’s not Unreal Engine tutorial, it’s just me having fun.

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  1. Can you make like call of duty in mobile offline but 300 mb

  2. Good job bro the concluded game looks fye 👍👌🔥

  3. hold up i just realized something did he call a smg a pistol?

  4. Can you make a Cool mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 because 1.12.2 is the best version for modding

  5. Every game is better than fortnite but to copy something is Not ok

  6. U trying to beat epic games with epic games engine wtf?

  7. Make a game with a dot walking and i will admit that even that is better then "Fortnite"

  8. Do it so the cubes have 100HP but cant heal and range weapons Deal (1-10) Dmg and meelee 20 for exam

  9. Do tracks under the cubes but make them turn instantly in walk direction

  10. Really, it's so awesome!!! Hope we can play this game one time)

  11. cool now make it into a real online game

  12. How did you creat the Battle Bus Timer ( the Timer That the Bus Start )

  13. I got emotional when he said ‘‘ since I have no friends to play’’.

  14. 0:36 no it is looking kinda T H I C C
    btw wishlist karlson gamers

  15. For sure I will support you if you will make the project open source ..

  16. You got a new subscriber just keep it looking forward for some awesome videos

  17. All of the weapons on 2:05 : Baseball Bat, Crowbar, Axe, Uzi, AK 47 and a M4

  18. Can I make a game using a iPad or I need a computer or laptop ?

  19. It kinda bugs me how the texture on the different cube sides don't match, but the game is great!

  20. where an i buy your games? i really want to play your videogames : )

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