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I Played Clash Royale for the First Time in 4 Years!

Judo Sloth Gaming
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Logging into Clash Royale for the First Time in 4 Years! Judo Sloth Gaming explores numerous Clash Royale Updates all at once in this special episode returning to the game. Lots of Chests to Unlock, Cards to Explore and Battles to be Won! Be sure to let me know if you enjoy this one and maybe we can bring occasional Clash Royale videos in the future. Clash On!

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  1. judo today u can see if the card is a legendary, the numbers is gonna start to bright(srry my bad english :/)

  2. Mirror doesent duplicate opponent cards anymore

  3. Judo:Expects a leg in a epic chest

  4. Pro tip use log zap rocket fireball poison clone mirror earthquake believe me I have 8000 trophies🥶

  5. clinging on, by the skin of our teeth
    or at least that's what i heard 😂 can someone tell me what that means so i can add it to my language knowledge

  6. Fun fact for judo: the flying machine is actually made by the master builder and he's the one using it.

    (I think u guys know this but this is 4 judo)

  7. Oj: i played clash of clans for the first time in 4 years

    Judo sloth i played clash royale for the first time in 4 years

    Thanos: perfectly balance ♎
    As all things should be

  8. Judo is so funny when playing clash Royale 😂

  9. This is painful to watch even tho I love his vidéos he looks like a newbie

  10. How Can bandit and motherwich be in jungle arena ??? Now its only infernodragon What have i missed ????

  11. 11:24, "I can't believe I defended that"
    Meanwhile hog 2.6 players defending a 40 elixir push with cannon, musk, skellies.

  12. Have not locked in 4 years "unlock next tear"

  13. Hes like a child on Christmas so happy about everything

  14. make another Clash Royale vid

  15. hes got the baby dragon and I've got nothing to defend it
    minions available "am i a joke to you"

  16. I have nothing to defend the baby dragon MINION HORDE IN HIS CYCLE WITH ENOUGH ELIXIR TO DEPLOY IT

  17. Absolutely LOVE the enthusiasm Judo. I always see people getting mad over this game and it's great to see people enjoy it still

  18. I̾n̾f̾e̾r̾n̾o̾ ̾G̾a̾m̾i̾n̾g̾ says:

    Judo would you make part 2 soon?

  19. I like how judo has over leveled cards and still struggling

  20. The tower is clinging on by the SKIN of our TEETH

  21. He’s the oj of clash of clans.
    (Y’all should make a vid together)

  22. do more clash royale content pls

  23. When the other guy played baby dragon he said I have nothing when he minon Hord

  24. I’ve never seen someone be happy to get a ice wizard

  25. Judo minion hordes into the wizard and it survives.

    Me: I don't want to exist on the planet anymore. The game is unfair to me.

    I mean timing was good but how did none of them die with a splash from the tower. That is luck I guess.

  26. when he sees the cannon and calls it a connon cart and says it must be called that in royale

  27. Try musketeer with pekka and try miner on the tower with the goblin barrel on the other and this will make some wins

  28. Good thing you play clash of clans more than clash royale clash royale is stressfull

  29. That first battle was PAINFUL to watch, sorry mate

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