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Doc & ImperialHal Team Up Against Clix in OFF THE GRID
Check out what happens next:

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  1. Im buying a years supply of Vaseline after watching this! Yayayayayayayayayayayaya

  2. Enemy AI looks really dumb in this game. Hope that gets buffed

  3. Wow this looks awesome! Reminds me of The Division meets Cyberpunk

  4. why they want you to think you will com with other people like a tactical soldiers, is like the division 1 trailer, on release will be caos and shooting all around. a little cringe for my taste doc.

  5. Video games are FINALLY catching up to my expectations

  6. This game looks trash 💩. Doc gone and done sold out.

  7. The concept to this game bleed innovation into a stagnant genre. I sincerely hope this works out for the team

  8. you can sure tell when the docs collecting a paycheck lol.

  9. i actually love the look of this game ive lieked it since i fist sawe it but now that i se it while your checking it out man it looks fun and looks amazing

  10. I can't believe they got Dr. Scorn himself to play.

  11. I hope they will make a first-person mode, or they will remove the third person altogether

  12. Doc, what game doesthis compare to most?
    Is it at all like The Division Dark zone?
    Or standard BR where circle gets smaller and last one standing wins?

  13. Please let me win this PC, I need it 💔💔💔

  14. I want this game this is my dream game I have always wanted when it will come out?

  15. finally something new that actually looks fun lol

  16. Looks horrible, scripted boring mess. I dont blame the doc for taking the pay for it, but this looks like trash.

  17. Can’t wait to see you and nick play battle royal

  18. how to get kids to get a biased opinion about ukraine war, add it into video games. its new tactic 😀 is funny

  19. I never thought Id see Doc doing a completely scripted ad gig but its ok I guess. Side note game looks boring.

  20. I feel like Metal Gear did this around 15 years ago?

  21. He´s narrating over scripted gameplay 😬😬

  22. Doc you’re screen tearing, make sure vsync is enabled.

  23. The AI looks super easy to defeat. They never even moved.

  24. I dont understand how people cants see how scripted this is. Doc is not playing the game in this video, he is fake reacting to it. Nobody in the game has any banter or conversation with him. Very weird

  25. The gameplay looks cool the narration and characters lines are not great. Bunch of animated adults talking like middle school kids.

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