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If I die, the game switches – Battle Royale Games

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so good



  1. "if you laugh the video ends" – literally the most unfunny fucking video known to man

  2. "If I get confused, the video ends"

    – Roblox, Untitled meme game.

  3. As someone who's played a good variety of battle royale games (with my favorite of all time being Super Animal Royale), I will say that especially when new to the genre, when you start playing a new battle royale game, you will get killed a lot more than you get kills. Also, the player that you fought I'm SAR has definitely been playing for a while

  4. play Mario party superstars with your friends

    if you lose any minigames the video will end

  5. “If you lose in any game the video ends”

    – Game pigeon (the mobile texting app lol)

  6. If I encounter an error, the video ends.


  7. Any concencional fighting game, but you can only use special atacks


  9. Short challenge idea! “Watch Taylor Tomlinson, if you laugh, the video ends.“ She’s fucking hilarious.

  10. Play "Omori" but if you get disturbed/afraid the video ends

  11. Comment:1051 of saying

    If u dash the video ends

    – just shapes and beats

  12. "If you see a this 💀 in a video, the video ends"
    -any Matt Rose video

  13. If you get weirded out, the video ends
    – "Story from North America"

  14. If you feel disturbed the video ends

    -Pumpkin Spice

  15. if you collect an effect you draw yourself with it
    – yume nikki

  16. "If your bet loses, the video ends"
    -Amazing Marble Race Season 2 on yt

  17. If you get annoyed the video ends.

    Any That vegan teacher video

  18. If you get hit the game switches. (Bullet hell games)

  19. "If someone says rock and stone you have to yell out of your window rock and stone" – Deep Rock Galactic 3 lives

  20. “If you sing along the video ends” – HOT by Seventeen

  21. If you feel disturbed, you translate the wingdings in your outtro.
    ~A Funny.

  22. If you start a video of a new series and this video is at least 15 mins long the video ends

    Any game

  23. “If you take damage, the video becomes 30 seconds longer” – any game that allows you to take damage

  24. If you cant finish under 30secs the video ends
    nonograms 5×5

  25. if you can’t guess the word the video ends (3 lives)
    (Day 140)

  26. Here's one for ya:
    If you find In the hall of the mountain king the video ends

    YouTube search: suspenseful classical music

  27. If you get goosebumps you will eat a pineapple on camera
    Animation vs Minecraft – Ultimate weapon (ep. 25)

  28. "If You Get Donated , Scream"

    -PLS DONATE (roblox)

  29. You have to play subway surfers backward, video minimum 8 minutes

  30. If you see a spider, the video ends.

  31. if you feel uncomfortable the video ends

    SML Movie: Jeffy's Kiss!

  32. “If your voice cracks, the video ends.”
    – Blinding Lights

  33. Play hades (costs money) the video ends if you get 1 gemstone (long challenge)

  34. If you see anything strange the video ends
    -Google search School

  35. I'm pretty sure the first one was fake online multiplayer.

  36. If you get impressed, the video ends.

    Top 10 Hardest Extreme Demons in Geometry Dash as of 2023.

  37. If you get scared, the video ends.

    Roblox (Doors👁️)
    Good luck if you do!

  38. Bro really threw away a life on the Fall Guys gag even though he's played Fortnite before and clearly has an Epic Games account.

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