Indus Battle Royale Release Date in India *Exposed* !!😳 -

Indus Battle Royale Release Date in India *Exposed* !!😳

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Indus Battle Royale Release Date in India *Exposed* !!😳

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  1. 15 August 2023 ko indus game launch hoga❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥

  2. Guys i know the exact one release date of indus battle royale is 15 aug on independence day confirmed😏☝️❤ and also please do subscribe … if you known this from me.

  3. Bhai tum bure ho indian game ko support karo

  4. Bhai google policy k hisaab se ugw ko hat jaana chahie frm playstore but nhn hua hai

  5. गेम बढ़िया लग रही है लेकिन फ्री फायर जैसा ग्राफिक्स है। हमको पब्जी की आदत हो गई है; कार्टून ग्राफिक्स की तरह गेम नही चाहिए। 🥺💯 5-6 महीने मै इन्होने मेहनत कर के कार्टून गेम बनाया 😭😡

  6. Ek baar ye game 🎮world ke bade bade battle Royal games me involve ho jaye to….. 🧐🤨😜🥰😎🤓👍our full support

  7. Kya "expose" kar rhe ho?
    Stop posting clickbait titles

  8. Game lonch hua nahi ke hater pahela he ban gaya yaa🤣🤣🤣

  9. Gameplay looks like Apex Legend
    Movement like Free fire
    Mechanism like COD
    Want popularity like PUBG

  10. Ugw ko 3 months se jyada ho gya hai, fir bhi remove nahi huaa. Judh bol rahe ho


  12. I don't think having ytber react based on the trailer is a good thing because if this game dsnt meet the expectations thy r building up,thy r gonna lose more then thy r building up .But as an Indian my self i would fully support it ❤️

  13. Bhai play store me indus game a geya hei 9.9 gb

  14. Ye chutya har bat me free fire lata hai iski adat nahi jaye gi gaming hai vo FF se releted nahi hai

  15. Bro kya isme eSports tornament hoga

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