Indus Battle Royale - Trailer Gameplay (Android/iOS) -

Indus Battle Royale – Trailer Gameplay (Android/iOS)

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Indus Battle Royale – Trailer Gameplay (Android/iOS)

Drop onto the mysterious island of Virlok on the fabled planet, Indus. Your mission is to survive and portal out with the coveted element, Cosmium. You will find and use unique weapons, gear, and consumables to fight in an ever-shrinking battleground while navigating this brand-new universe

Next Gen Gunplay
Crafted and optimized for mobile devices, From sniper rifles to hand cannons, there’s a gun for everyone. The gunplay is designed to deliver the most authentic gunplay and experience in its space. Indus’ guns are designed to feel great to shoot & as brutal to be shot at.

Pick your Paragon aka Skins
From the mysterious Sir-Taj to the powerful Big-Gaj, each of Indus’ Paragons aka character skins allow you to express yourself in different ways with distinct emotes, letting you dominate the battlefield in a style and personality that’s solely yours.

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  1. อยากเล่นแล้วครับ น่าจะสนุกสนาน

  2. Calm down , don't say it's apex rip off or something. How much different they can make a battle royale game??? Since there r huge variety of battle royale games , if they make a game now at this time ,it will surely look similar to atleast one of the games that r currently available for us. Let's appreciate this is not a game like faug. Pls don't try to look at the bad sides, Indian game developers are trying hard and there best to make a good game , the best we could do is support them and give them more chance to grow. One day we could proudly say this awesome game is made in india 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  3. kinda dig the south asian aesthetics mixed up with apex style

  4. Looks better then apex and its something new to mobile gaming. Stop complaining and go play apex lol

  5. Transpeoplearedisgustingfyoutubeshatespeechpolicy says:

    Another one? what a cash grab, all it is. Typical remake games.

  6. The only game which deserves copyright for apex is "Skyfall chasers "

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