Is Money or Skill More Important in Clash Royale? -

Is Money or Skill More Important in Clash Royale?

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  1. nerd donos always complaining he's not doing the meta strategies and losing but the real reason he loses is that he is always so impatient. I have not seen him at 10 elixir since the start of the round

  2. Not gonna watch the video, just came to comment it could go either way depending on what deck your opponent had and what
    cards are in their hand.

    Sidenote: I fought someone who had a counter to every card I played ready everytime.

  3. stop opening silver chests ffs the smc in shop so much better

  4. really wish he'd play pvz2 cause he's in his mobile gaming phase, just imagine him playing big wave beach 🙂

  5. If you are noob and you have a lot of money you can donate, upgrade all units and get 5k trophies but it won't work on 5,5k trophies.

  6. Implying clash royale had any skill involved in the first place LULW

  7. xqc skilled player but that is not normally, This very very insane….They need to check him pc and game…..Maybe he not cheating but maybe he using the game deficit …and this cant seem on game screen..He needs to check-up

  8. amazing, he has four cards to play and plays the wrong one every single time

  9. U need to play at least 3-4 years to master this game. It's not like PUBG or cod. It's all about strategy

  10. not sure but seems like he is somewhat improving?

  11. bro really played skarmy on witch and dark prince
    i can't 💀

  12. all he talks about is drugs like him and his whole family are high off the good shit, mans is obsessed LMAO

  13. It's like he took lsd, had a bad trip, and then came back on stream every day talking about drugs drugs drugs every chance he gets lol

  14. Dude is on 5200 trophies like more than a week and he's playing every day 🤣

  15. His chat when he loses SO BAD SO BAD

    His chat when he wins OUTPAYED OUTPAYED P2W

    like what mfs with 0 life calm down

  16. Glad to see the Winston aim transfers over to clash royale

  17. Facts my friends are drugies and drug dealers too. But it’s bc I smoke weed 🤔 interesting xqcl

  18. Ur only saying the level 11-12 differencial is too big because ur bad at the game. Once I beat a level 12 player as a level 10

  19. his gameplay is not that great but he's learning…

  20. I actually redownlodaded this game and I was highly ranked as I am in magic and hearthstone and other bullshit card games but the mega knight pay to win shit and full hp princess is too op for this game its fully pay to win at that point and nothing can counter it half the time. the only way to ever be at a level playing field is to be level 14 with fully gemmed and maxxed out units…. its kinda sad cuz I did used to enjoy the game and was fairly high ranked… but the ranking system is a total joke nowadays as to how dead the game is. also its not like other card games where you just need one unit you have to fully pay to upgbrade it or wait for 5 and a half years.

  21. Thanks for you xQc, as a human race now we learned that 5300 is the rank that you can't pass with money alone

  22. Been playing for 5 years and around 6k trophies, the fact he has only 800 less is genuinely disturbing for me

  23. This gameplay is making me lose braincells, putting down a skarmy against a witch and dark prince and then complaining is just 500IQ

  24. 10:00 this fucking goblin barrel defense triggered me so much

  25. Question is if xQc is portraying themselves as the advocate of skill and the other players as the ones using money to win?

  26. Him being literally higher lvl than his opponent, then calls him p2w

  27. this guy is probably the most annoying/obnoxious and the scummiest hypocrite on earth

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