Is this game the future of Battle Royale? -

Is this game the future of Battle Royale?

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Hunt Showdown is inspiring the future of Battle Royale. I think MANY of its features will be adopted by other games such as Warzone 2 and PUBG 2. What do you think? Some great fights here with @TwoAngryGamersTV . Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. Bought it when it was on sale for $12. This game is really Damn fun

  2. This actually is an awsome game, the style of BR is cool, but I doubt that other games could make it as good as this Hunt Showdown has a charm to it like no other

  3. look up the definition of battle royal for the love of god.

  4. Don't cut the clips soo short. It's nice to have a little more context on each engagement.

  5. I would really love to play this game, but the fact that there is not a game server on my continent (Africa) means that it is next to impossible to get a game or to get playable ping.

  6. Been playing this game for years and the feeling it gives is too good.

  7. Hunt is alright. Idk why people love it so much though.

  8. this is the future, screw AAA battle royals with their battle passes and evil consumerist tactics with no regard for the community, the only way things will change is if we support games like this. Bayou boy 4 life.

  9. That outro music still gets me going 🙂
    PS. For some good SC action search for NOVA org 😉

  10. this is nowhere close to a battle royale?

    isn't it an iteration of escape from tarkov's model? it's like a high risk raid based loot shooter. kinda nothing to do with a BR

  11. The whole intro pretty much got me thinking about Tarkov

  12. i was looking so forward to Hazzard Zone in Battlefield 2042 but we all know how that turned out 🙁 Hunt Showdown is amazing

  13. Been playing this game since closed beta. Love it so much. Such a unique game

  14. Maybe very fun to play, but this game is so boring to watch to.

  15. no ill pass to slow for players that want to move.

  16. A new Dolchbag rises! Glad you're enjoying the game, I like it a lot.

  17. Is this game only battle royale? friends and I were hoping we could just enjoy the pve.

  18. Me and My friend picked this game up yesterday, its so refreshing and fun.

  19. This game is definitely fun but there is just too much running around and not seeing anyone.

  20. Too dark to see anything 🤷🏻‍♂️

  21. Lol your just encouraging bots to use shotguns most scum plays

  22. This game is the best FPS experience I ever had. It is great!

  23. Hunt: Showdown is unbelievable and my favourite game, the Lore is magnificent too.

  24. Been playing hunt ever since it’s first release on steam years ago. This game never lost me as a player and I haven’t had a PVP game I could stick with for this long. I really hope slower methodical shooters like this have a bright future, hunt showdown and tarkov have really brought the spotlight on it.

  25. Really wish nighttime was playable. Everyone just cranks up their brightness and ruins the atmosphere. Get us that GR Breakpoint true dark setting.
    So everyone suffers from moody low light.

  26. Thanks Jack for putting my favorite game on display to your audience.

  27. I’m glad to say that I honestly believe the age of battle royals is over with borderlands 3 and elden ring and halo infants major success despite them never having the or wanting a battle royal and more games to follow suit it’s finally over

  28. Love the way you calmly discribe the situations your in

  29. 200 hours in. Easily my favorite shooter of all time.

  30. i play hunt almost everyday its one of the best games ive played in tha last few years

  31. Any OCE Players good an insight on the current playerbase queue times etc? I always wanted to get into this game but felt it was too late.

  32. Dolch and Crown and King, do you have any self-respect man?

  33. In terms of style and atmosphere, no game kills it like Hunt did. Like, come on… That main theme is the best.

  34. Hunt is badass but not enough action for me, need tons more zombs and maps with at least 25 other real players

  35. You guys must have only played this game for like <10 hours—-this game has been squandered disastrously by the devs. Every update is 1 step forward, 4 steps back. Countless game-breaking bugs, DLC rather than improvements at every opportunity, and a community that is kept on life-support by half-assed, limp-dicked "events" aimed at keeping players occupied with menial tasks for point gathering in exchange for more useless skins. This game will sadly be forgotten unless given to competent developers. Dennis is a narcissistic and incompetent moron that knows as much about game design as a chimpanzee. Any opposing comments, please give some constructive counter-examples.

  36. Extraction Mode is NOT BR . Two totally different game modes and totally different goals.

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