Is This The Next Big Battle Royale From Epic?! - Rumbleverse -

Is This The Next Big Battle Royale From Epic?! – Rumbleverse

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  1. You need to play this with all your friends when the game comes out the game is so fun and works so cool

  2. This does not look like the next big battle Royale

  3. I was hoping wildcat was playing with you when I clicked on this vid.

  4. Hey moo dont feel bad about getting whooped by the kitty cat That was another youtuber jackfrags haha a pretty good gamer

  5. Wtf is epic thinking. I’m not playing this

  6. Beta dont work and game looks like ass anyway .

  7. Anyone thinking this game looks lame should watch fighting game players play this. The combat is really deep and the developers made killer instinct

  8. Welp time to download a new game 👀🤣

  9. This actually looks like the most casual relaxing BR 😅 like just chill and f around with friends vibes

  10. I wanna say it looks fun but I’m not 100% sure.

  11. This looks stupid and fun. I'd love to see you guys play this more

  12. Moo:"Is the next big battle royale from Epic?!"
    Everyone in 2017:"Always has been"
    Everyone in 2021:"Get a load of 2017"

  13. What exactly does Vanoss need in order to not be a pr– I mean, in order to finally believe you?

  14. This is a BR that I can get behind. Simple and straight to the point.

  15. I saw jackfrags on the battle log top left lol

  16. Lol you get kill by tsm myth haha 3:30 wtfish and typical gamer too in your game 5:06

  17. Yes but is it a free to play game or how expensive is it? Also if and when can you get it on the Nintendo Switch?

  18. This look sooo much fun this gotta be better then SHITNITE also if you are that player fuck you that game sucks

  19. I swear you’re the only person that’s got vanoss play a BR lol apex doesn’t count cuz they just messed around. But I think they might have got him to play black out

  20. I wish the building traversal was more like prototype or hulk ultimate destruction.

  21. The Cat at the last part was JackFrags

  22. Your character looks like sids duck toy from toy story lmao

  23. Well, to answer your tantalizing title, no… this is from Iron Galaxy… Epic is just selling it for them.

  24. Finally, after all these years. Early Bird IS EARLY!!!!

  25. I love everytime you did that cyclone your character flexes🤣🤣. I need this game cz its battle royale in a luchador world💪sucks i have to wait for a PS release

  26. This just came to my mind imagine if the Hulk becomes a guest character in this game.

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