Jurassic World Evolution: ULTIMASAURUS BATTLE ROYALE!!! - Jurassic World Evolution | HD - battle-crest.com

Jurassic World Evolution: ULTIMASAURUS BATTLE ROYALE!!! – Jurassic World Evolution | HD

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The New Ultimasaurus is ready to take part in a battle royale with a bunch of new mods. Some rather more questionable then others.


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  1. I think it will by a stegosaurs will win 🏆

  2. Indoraptor is a god 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  3. thats not fair bro for indo he is to op
    and he always wins

  4. How did the ultimasaurus not break any tooth while killing the ankyodocus at 20:47 and how did the indoraptor not break his teeth either 27:07

  5. His and Hers Jurassic Jeep (JP29 and JW29) says:

    Looks like a Indominus Rex with a T Rex Head and teeth, crest Beek and horns of a trike, back armor and tail of an Ankylosaurus, fingers of T Rex and length of arms of the Indominus Rex. Ultimasaurus is the greatest hybrid ever!!!

  6. Imagine they make the ultimasaurus more accurate,detailed,And very cool.

  7. I got it wrong Ji did not get it right

  8. Nah bro the games debs need to stop smoking crack
    I Rex is beeting indoraptor every time 😮😢

  9. I love the fact that I figured out the meaning of jpeg. Jurassic Park Evolution Game.

  10. i always call pachys megamimd and i dont know why😂

  11. I just noticed that giganotosauras killed ankylosaurus but in real life Ankylosaurus kills a giganotosauras

  12. What if they actually added the Ultimasaurus to the game which they should because he is a OG dinosaur

  13. also we mush of seen a diffrene walking with dinosuars cause bro

  14. Garfield will always win and if he doesn’t……… I WILL BE ANGY

  15. Thegamingbeaver that's not a ultimasaurus is indominus rex I see in highlights is he just put a skin ultimasaurus in indominus rex to become ultimasaurus

  16. It’s crazy that Indoraptor is smaller then ULTIMASAURUS and Indoraptor still won

  17. Jurassic Park how did you get the Jurassic Park hybrid into your game is full Sparrow bagel at Killian it's better at killing it's better

  18. Ultimasaurus is the scariest but is so stupid he kept looking at that car for 2minutes

  19. Who likes indominus rex more than ultimasaurus?

  20. They should make the ultimasuarus roar different it does not look right with still the indom roar

  21. Garfield is T posing 😂😂😂 (ALSO LOVE UR VIDS)

  22. How do you get this vastatosaurus (new species) how how how beavet😢

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