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KvleOfficial’s Best Battle Royale Tips & Tricks | Call of Duty®: Mobile Player Content Series

Call of Duty: Mobile
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We invited Kvleofficial Gaming on our channel to share his top tips for becoming a Battle Royale champion! To jump to specific tips, you can navigate to different parts of the video with the timestamp links below:
0:00 – Intro
0:26 – Hot Drop Tips
1:26 – Surviving Aerial Platform
3:48 – Using Cover
6:00 – Conquering Height
8:35 – Champion Mentality
10:26 – Practice

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  1. Cod please realese season 5 battle pass trailar please

  2. At 8:54 how did u switch to the minigun without leaving the vehicle. I have to jump out really fast and hit the "secondary seat" button that pops up when standing next to a vehicle. None of the buttons when driving switch me to the weapon ?? (Just speaking on that specific vehicle and the tank mainly) I have to be out of the those for that button to pop up.


  4. Don't be afraid to lose, that's the takeaway from today's video😍

  5. If they could just focus more on battle royale

  6. Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣…. When I saw the thumbnail I thought they edited his face to make It look fatter until I tapped on the video 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. 'headshots are very very important and crucial in battle royale or just any game in general'
    Minecraft: am I a joke to you?

  8. Then is our idol 💕 kvle and other fun fact to me: im just normal player I want to have fun a

  9. Hi im from PH and im fan of your gameplay thanks for the tips that will help me a lot but if you can add a good internet connection you can play better😊

  10. Quiz: how many times did Kvle say “guys”?

  11. When I watch this I'm the only one who know this at hot airdrop in garena server bc other player didn't know what is the orange thinh

  12. Goint to the floating platforn is not a deathwish.
    A deathwish is going to the platform with a poor phone and a +100 ms here in South Africa🇿🇦. So for me its best to avoid the platform

  13. The first tip is to get a good mobile phone with less frame drops or get an ios!!

  14. but im not like parker and the rest that have the mythic and stuff like that…..

  15. Not really when your playing bots stop trying to make it seem hard how much bs they pay you to say this lmao games ass

  16. This guy is a good player 😱😱😱. Damnnn 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  17. I want to see Kvle vs Br0ken I'm sure Kvle might win.

  18. I hope Codm add Lean like the Warzone it will be more challenging when they add the Lean Controls

  19. These are some tips from me too
    -Make sure your phone is in better condition clear all background apps and cache and don't play while battery being low
    (There should be no lag while playing)
    -Ping should be 60 atleast
    – use low graphics and highest frame rate your phone offers to avoid heating issue which again affects performance
    -wash your hands and apply sum talc on fingers or use finger sleeves so that there should be less friction between your fingers and phone screen also make sure to clean up the phone screen

  20. I'm just gonna ignore the tips on where to land cuz my phone literally freezes if and enemy pops up when it stops I'm dead

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