Lavaloon destruction #clashroyale #games #learning #noskill #cheating -

Lavaloon destruction #clashroyale #games #learning #noskill #cheating

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  1. What are you on abt man 💀 “lavaloon ez” you did 300 damage more than him with 18 elixir than he did with 4 Also that zap was shit, with lavaloon you dont zap the tower as it will cause the tower to retarget to focus on the balloon rather than the lava, this ruins your attack, you wouldve taken his tower easily if you didnt zap his tower

  2. bro just sacrificed his own tower 💀💀💀

  3. Match isn’t over bro, he took your entire tower with 4 elixer 😂

  4. You could have easily stopped the push and destroyed the tower you idiot

  5. Here we can see the most heavily defended lavaloon player’s tower:

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