Maxed Player Returns to Arena 1 in Clash Royale -

Maxed Player Returns to Arena 1 in Clash Royale

InShane – Clash Royale
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Level 50 Maxed Clash Royale Player Returns to Level 1 in Arena 1
on a Brand New Account in Clash Royale Arena 1 in Clash Royale

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  1. Clash royale is one of the only games that not spending money in it is a challenge

  2. lol "experianced"
    nice video i remember when i was a noob

  3. reminder i saw that the second number of your age is 3 then the first is

  4. If you go against an opponent who has a generic name and no clan, it is very likely a bot, with no iq

  5. I am F2 play and Im on rascals hideout. I dont know why some content creators make it seem so hard to be F2 play. But your vidoes are still amazing. Thanks for your hard work

  6. Mini parka is the second scariest card in low ladder😢

  7. You have no idea what a free to-play feels like…

  8. Why bro blurer his age 💀 we can easily see its 33

  9. Why did I start with 100k gold and you started with like 20

  10. old pass Royale, the reason why I got to 5k+ f2p so easily

  11. His age is in the triple digits😂😂😂

  12. When i was new to clash royale i always thought using spells on the king to damage it and destroy it to get 3 crown i now realise my mistake

  13. Who remembers when
    arena 4 – Pekka Playhouse
    arena 5 – Spell Valley
    arena 6 – … I don't remember name but you know what I mean

  14. al legends say hes still grinding bc he wanne play on this account and wanne see the progres of a year

  15. I need 9 more cards before I get all of them and I'm free to play

  16. I’m free to play and I’m in area 3 with all level 12 cards

  17. Id recommend to level all of ur card always because later on u gotta upgrade them to unlock arena(f2p players only)

  18. I’m on the beginning of mid ladder and it sucks for me right now

  19. Jesus loves y’all and Romans 10:9

  20. In case anyone is wondering about statistics related to this video (I tried my best to calculate as accurately as I could, but I had to estimate some of them using the Clash Royale website since parts of the video were speed up (which made it too difficult to read some numbers)):
    – Win-Loss Record: 35-0 (10 1-crowns, 2 2-crowns, 23 3-crowns)
    – Trophies Gained: 1010
    – Damage Dealt to Opponent's Towers: 129,335
    – Tower Damage Taken from Opponents: 21,115
    – Gold Received: 9,758
    – Gold Spent: 5,065
    – Gems Received: 112
    – Chests Opened: 25
    – Experience Gained: 427
    – Common Cards: 737
    – Common Wild Cards: 75
    – Rare Cards: 151
    – Rare Wild Cards: 16
    – Banner Tokens: 20

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