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MIGHTY MINER VS MINER – Clash Royale Challenge #386

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MINER VS MIGHTY MINER! Who is the most perfect in clash royale? Clash Royale Challenge! MIGHTY MINER VS MINER Game play 1 ON 1 in Clash Royale.


  1. Nerf miner
    Clash royale: Of course!
    adds mighty MINER

  2. The Mighty Miner is such a Great Champion like HE IS BROKEN IN THE GAME plus he gets counter so easily by skeleton army the only ONE CHAMPION WHO HAS SPLASH DAMAGE WHO CAN TAKE OUT A SKELETON ARMY AND IT IS the Skeleton King he not that bad in the game like his soul spawning is so good like he just like spawn a skeleton army like i like the Skeleton King why…Because he has that great Splash damage on him like i love units that had the Splash damage the Splash damage is useful to counter a Skeleton Army like that Damage is my favorite in the game. 😏👍

  3. See both of them has its own use miner is win condition by mean card that destroys towers mighty miner tank killer and the opponent won’t let him touch the tower unlike the miner can damage the tower

  4. The legendary ice lotvokor tombstone says:

    Mighty miner vs inferno dragon

  5. Video should named: be miner vs mighty miner(no ability) couse he didn't use the ability

  6. Mighty miner why his drill is very strong and is good for your deck

  7. Golden knight vs mighty miner next video please

  8. Tremenda paliza que le dio al minero 🥺⛏️

  9. miner mighty is kind off like drill goblin miner

  10. Can you do royal ghost vs miner?
    Royal ghost vs bandit?
    Fisherman vs royal ghost?
    Miner vs fisherman?

  11. Miner still need a nerf

  12. Supercell : add miner
    Player : nerf miner!
    Supercell : ok
    Player : Remove miner!
    Supercell : add Mighty miner
    Player : 🤬nerf mighty miner and buff miner
    Supercell : (-_-)

  13. Miner : Finally dad came back with milk
    Miner : Omg why is he holding a drill

  14. Yeah but if the person who will spawn the Skarmy to the middle side and the Person who is using him the person used his ability he will leave the bomb AT THE MIDDLE SIDE THE LEFT OR THE RIGHT BEHIDE THE SKARMY AND THEN HE WILL BE COUNTERED BY THEM so Skarmy with kill him EASILY THATS WHAT I MEAN JESUS! 😒

    And my favorite champion is the Skeleton King Why again…Because of his splash damage and his ability of spawning in clone skeletons which clones are weak but of his ability his skeletons can help him damaging the tower while the tower is trying to damage him which is good AND HE CAN TAKE THE SOULS OF ANY ENEMY UNITS OR YOUR UNITS DIED HE WILL TAKE THEM AND MADE HIMSELF A SKELETON RAVE PARTY TO DESTROY AND MASSAGING IT I LOVE THIS CHAMPION! 😏

  15. Honestly when opponent places a building I use miner to countee

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