Most Minions Before Clash Royale Crashes! 💥🤯 -

Most Minions Before Clash Royale Crashes! 💥🤯

Foren Powers
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  1. Queria fazer isso pra completar domínios

  2. It is also satisfying seeing the tower get destroyed

  3. The log: am I a joke to you?

    (this comment is a joke)

  4. The fact that he didn’t use the zap to kill the skeletons hurts my soul

  5. He was still cloning after he won the battle

  6. The fact that this is a Real match with a chad (9 level 5400 trophie)

  7. Imagine a wizard against all those minions with range he gonna clap their booties 💀💀💀

  8. opponent: god damn it im out of elixir for arrow

    the opponent:

  9. Arrows:I'm about to end this man's whole carrer

  10. That would be an instant win but if people have arrows and mirror the arrows the minions are dead

  11. Te crees fuertecito guachin, pero yo soy más fuerte

  12. o cara com um monte de esqueleto
    eu: valquira

  13. I have one qestion
    Why you have balkon in your deck?

  14. There are exactly 239 Minions including clone

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