My New Favorite Battle Royale! (Rumbleverse) -

My New Favorite Battle Royale! (Rumbleverse)

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We play a brand new battle Royale, Rumble Verse!

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  1. I thought something was suspicious when ssundee said: "same game, same game, same game. It's the same spot too!"
    So I went back 5 seconds and analysed each frame and relized there was a cut

  2. Ssundee! I need more of this. great job. commentary was so good too.

  3. Title: My new favourite battle royale
    Ssundee at the end of the video: I-HATE-THIS-GAME!!!!
    Just a joke don't take it srsly

  4. Next time you play Heres some Tips You can charge Both Light attack and Vicous Attack It Works on weapons too

  5. SSundee u switched games bc you're skin changed

  6. Can you do fortnite in battle royal I miss that

  7. CaN wE aPpReCiAtE hOw SsUnDeE nEvEr FaIlS tO mAkE oUr Day. says like every single comment ever

  8. uhhhh I think I noticed when russo edited 😛

  9. bruh, ive got the game and already won once

  10. Why are you even playing that game that game sucks why

  11. 🤔❗You already grabbed the enemy to make a super attack, and he *escaped*, what do you think about this?❓

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