NERF GUN BATTLE ROYALE - Part 1 (Nerf First Person Shooter!) -

NERF GUN BATTLE ROYALE – Part 1 (Nerf First Person Shooter!)

Aaron Esser
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The full squad drop into the Nerf Battle Royale arena and are aiming to be the last team standing. When the Noob of the team messes with an over competitive player he puts themselves in the crosshairs to be eliminated first. Full of loadouts, vehicles, gulags, loot and so much more, this is going to be one all out Nerf War! This is Warzone in real life!

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  1. The shotgun that he called «bad» is actually good i love it

  2. Do you guys have to pick up the bullets when you're done

  3. just love how there is a random dinosaur in the battle royale lobby

  4. Bro this is like call of duty warzone and a campaign mode at the same time

  5. Uhh next time you want to do that please don't do it

  6. а вы должны поставить вторую часть Зомби апоказ как бы люди этот как бы как его не знаю как этого бандита зовут Зомби Покажи Короче вы должны поставить он пойдёт в вашем доме и он уходил все угодно в Вашингтоне все будут люди но вы должны Поставить все ловушки в мире Подумайте 1.000 млн подписчиков

  7. Yo how much nerf Gun do you have

  8. Call Roman never again on YouTube witchcraft

    JJ which section of the nervous


  9. didn’t actually grab the medkit haha lol i saw it on the floor when he was putting the scope onto durance’s shotgun lmao

  10. Nerf Ops 4
    Battle Royale
    Deploying now…
    First blood!
    Xander02919 (150 Lvl)
    Down: Jckif
    Commander: your teammate is down
    Jckif got killed by Xander02919
    Down: OhyeahCHUY
    Commander: your teammate is down
    OhyeahCHUY got killed by Helpers0291
    Commander: Jckif and OhyeahCHUY will revive at 1 minute
    Commander: Jckif and OhyeahCHUY has revived
    Victory! #1
    1. Jckif
    2. Caleb97818217
    3. OhyeahCHUY

  11. 15 seconds in I thought this was Fortnite with 99999999999999 water coolers filled with vodka,alcohol and steroids lol 😂

  12. What happens to all of the nerf darts when your done?

  13. I understand people can be serious during games but sometimes you need to Remeber that games are made for fun I think you need to have a healthy balance of both while playing a game so u don’t just automatically die but you also Remeber to have fun

  14. I love how I could see people wear other YouTubers merch

  15. Marshmallow is haker when you see him in start

  16. It must be pain for them to clean everything up

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