NEW Battle Royale Games Coming in 2021! -

NEW Battle Royale Games Coming in 2021!

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NEW Battle Royale Games Coming in 2021!

Hello Everyone, in today’s YouTube video we highlight the new Battle Royale games that are launching in 2021. We have had some awesome games launch this year including COD Warzone, we have also seen the usual Battle Royale games dominate such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. Next year these new Battle Royale games could impact the current popular Battle Royale games. One of these Battle Royale games could be the next best Battle Royale game.

Be sure to let me know which new 2021 Battle Royale game you are looking forward to trying!

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  1. Ok why is he titling it brs coming this year and he’s litrally says in the first two he says coming next year in 2022

  2. Tbh I would probably play vampires good thing it's free cause I wouldn't buy it everything else looks kinda boring.πŸ™„ huh

  3. How many times can you say "battle royale" in one video sheeesh, we know its a battle royale you dont need to say it so many times hahaha

  4. Tryna find a battle Royale game that is like fortnite. another game that will make the world happy

  5. Cant just make a battle royale that isnt run and gun… keeps on puking

  6. What do you think will be the next genre that takes over battle royals as they are dying. I think it wil be a mix of asmetic horror games like dead by daylight and the Halloween game. As well as the Fortnite kids growing up probably wonting to play a more mature game which is asmetic horror. And with ovwatch 2 looking terrible and the new halo and battlefield look I think the only decent games will be the co-ops and horror .

  7. Damm not one decent BR in the pipe.. need something with warzone graphics and guns with the speed of Pubg Dont know why it seem nobody can get this simple premise to come to life

  8. We don't have any good game after Apex and Warzone , Pubg was the best imo.. but now we need a new one ! The best thing will be a hybrid between Pubg and Warzone simple and fun to play , whit medium size maps and only realistic weapons , whitout all the usless staff ( and not like 3494GB warzone) ! Come on if they do a game like this it will kill any BR i m sure !

  9. I just want a simple BR game. The simplicity of PUBG and mechanics of Warzone and PUBG combined

  10. Pubg is the best battle royale no other people can make a better Battle Royale then pubg pubg is one of the kind it's the best

  11. Im trying to find that one sword game with grappling hooks and elements because im getting a ps4 and forgot the name

  12. POV ur watching this because u want to be an og

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