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  1. I wish we could change the vehicle huds too. Miss the buttons all the time.

  2. Where is it,i cant see!

  3. And the good thing is you cam carry it around 😀

  4. To the person who is reading this:You're amazing, stay blessed, stay safe and have a wonderful rest of your DAY.GOD BLESS you ALL❤️.

  5. Mister parker when will S13 be released

  6. Is it the beta version???or garena….and will it come in Activision!!!????

  7. Please use skateboard in water😂😂😂

  8. I looked at one of those huge mountains on the east side a few days ago and said to my team it'd be a good idea if they added snowboards, they're huge

  9. I have challege for you only skate board challenge

  10. i still hate vehicles physics of this game always crashing

  11. I like how Parker saw someone swimming, and bail out silently xD

  12. That means that they could make a bad ass new mobile tony hawk skateboard game ios apple Android uh unlimited endlessly mmo with the battle royale just unlimited of tricks grabs grinds manuals shove it'd fucking summer saults back flips new skate parks schools downtown everything pact but marvelous well thinking go karts tracks golf courses chess and checkers sponsors gears and you could also buy invest in equipment in the game could definitely also used what ever controller xbox or playstation or Android controller for better gaming experience oh and sum graffiti you could customise on there like jet grind radio 3 in one BMX or SKATEBOARD or Bicycle or mountain bike…

  13. The fucking snowboard you should be able to shoot or fucking punch like road rash on sega could throw molitoves hit you with chains , golf clubs brassknuckles what ever melee weopens of around objects and especially uh a player can ride with you on the hover board at the same time upgrade the fucking the other vehicles they need weopens on them to used and deployed 20 tanks so it's super epic add the score streaks on battle royale more gadgets different tactical equipment that could kill players online more excitement and the ultimate gaming experience on mobile gaming.

  14. If someone is on a snowboard will u be able to see that on the map like cars, helicopters, and boats

  15. 8:47 am i looking at a new meta?!?!? snow board in a grass land xd

  16. Bye bye to safe zone shrinking on me 👋

  17. It's like im playing in PS3 again some snow bord game

  18. I guess Warframe K-Drives hits different…

  19. Can you give me some COD points i want to draw the holiday redux plzzz ID:Agent_141

  20. 200 cod points plzzz Thanks i hope you read this

  21. Hey I already know the snowboard but I really love your bids

  22. Can you use your weapons while on the snowboard could you do tricks on someone even though you can't run them over make a flip and bounce on them

  23. And Mike Wikipedia of it without really getting into it I played with it once his it would be nice to get away from a sniper someone shooting at you and being able to confuse them without the average jumping slide type of thing as a little bit more to your ability to get away

  24. Fack I went to sky town and it was not there

  25. You know I used to love playing cod mobile straight from my phone but after investing in a Xbox one controller, it has made the game 1000 times better. I highly recommend it

  26. Car
    You can cary car
    Car is nut hevy
    Car is col
    Car is brok gayvity
    Car has col trik
    Car is awsom
    Car is sped
    Car is unbrekbl
    Car is nice
    Car is snoa
    Car is fat bord
    Car is stick
    Car is not BOOM
    Car is lik skatbord
    Car has no weel
    Car is gret

  27. I just need some tips on using the snowboard on large jumps without losing health when you land.

  28. A year later it's a shame it was nerfed to the point no one even wants one anymore. Combine the nerf with the reduced backpack space now, the snowboard is pretty much non-existent.

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