Official Trailer | Call of Duty: Warzone -

Official Trailer | Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty
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Free to play for everyone.
Drop in tomorrow.

Explore Verdansk, bring home the money in Plunder, or fight until no one else stands in your way in Battle Royale. #FreeCallofDuty

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  1. I remember I thought there would be no other better BR than fortnite back then and I never thought I would’ve became so attached to this.. crazy to see time fly and this game have a downfall, they let the stress and having so many players get to them

  2. Te extraño warzone antiguo 🙁

  3. “Where we dropping boys” fun,simple days of warzone rip og warzone 😔

  4. Best but also Worst thing to happen to call of duty

  5. Caldera I hate you! Werdansk one love ❤

  6. Shoutout to the OGs for playing this game in its prime ✊🏼

  7. I hope mw2 returns warzone to it's glory days

  8. When this trailer dropped, us ppl were really surprised to see that call of duty game is actually free to play, i miss og warzone

  9. Trailer feels like the same when we play this game when it was new.
    No meta abuse or movement abuse, just run, hide, wait, shoot, and win.

  10. back to the time when mp5 and kilo was the meta in og warzone,and the og verdansk too when everyone can find their joy in some og spot like hospital or superstore

  11. Guys please do something and get back the (( verdansk map)) game is dying day by day and you know that please get it back its easy to do by the way!!

  12. I can’t be the only one whose testosterone level ps went up like 75% after seeing this

  13. Man Warzone isn't even that old but everyone's nostalgic A.f

  14. We will never get a another game like this 😪

  15. warzone game for cheaters .Welcome cheater

  16. We Miss Old Warzone Map ( Verdansk )♥️♥️

  17. Warzone was awesome man, the golden quarantine days, even cold war update wasnt that bad but Vanguard just destroyed it tbh💔

  18. It's only been 2 years and i'm already nostalgic for this Warzone, that's how much i miss it i guess.

  19. Vereansk is based off donetsk which I now under Russian control or control of the donetsk people's republic, which is basically a Russian puppet state.

  20. Riley‘s beck and call of duty Warzone

  21. Yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift thats why they call it the present – Master Oogway

  22. For the ppl who didn’t play just only MW warzone I feel bad

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