Official Trailer | Call of Duty: Warzone -

Official Trailer | Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty
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Free to play for everyone.
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Explore Verdansk, bring home the money in Plunder, or fight until no one else stands in your way in Battle Royale. #FreeCallofDuty

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  1. Easily the only game that is as close to the cinematics!

  2. I got my first gaming PC in 2019, so I was able to play this game when it was actually fun

  3. Hopefully Warzone 2 feels like when this first came out

  4. Hope I could play the game when it was in the glory days. I mean my PC can't still handle it but it just looked so cool without those broken guns and anime skins.

  5. They forgot to add and extra cheaters on every lobby

  6. OG WZ was until season 3, after that it began becoming bad

  7. I miss those days 2019-2020 warzone oh playing as Mara for me is awesome and I made so many new buddies online!!!

  8. It was made by infinity ward that’s why

  9. Og season 1 warzone 😩 10/10 m4/rpg loadout 😂

  10. Thanks YT recommended for bringing me back here.

  11. So glad I played this game when it was at its prime, this game single handedly carried quarantine

  12. watching this now after caldera, man verdansk was a masterpiece. COD always knows how to put a trailer together.

  13. Still remember my first jammy win because people didn’t realise you could have a self revive😂🤣

  14. Warzone literally created a whole generations of streamers

  15. I got this on my recommended and thought it was warzone 2.0

  16. Как прекрасен этот трейлер

  17. Buenos recuerdos de una vida pasada

  18. Anyone returning because of wz2?? Rip the old days. Let's appreciate the beginning of wz2 before they destroy it again 👌

  19. I really miss when there was no meta and it was the best game ever

  20. I just cried a lot after watching this video again

  21. Crazy to think now we have Godzilla and King Kong in the game

  22. Warzone been my main (and kinda only) game for 2 years, 8+ hours a day, bought every season's battlepass, me & my SO played there non stop and got plenty of memories. Got DM Ultra, Damascus, every unlock you can think of, recorded hundreds of footage.

    Now, I can barely do 30 minutes Caldera a month, i spend more time refreshing twitter hoping to see news of Verdansk and old Warzone returning than I play Caldera :/
    Sure add new maps, but why remove the old one? IF ITS NOT BROKE DONT FIX IT! We had to go through FFAR/DMR etc and now this Verdansk Removal?
    You can play games from 1980, but you cannot play something we had few months ago.. that's crazy.

    CS:GO kept the same maps for 20 years, sure they added new ones but they didn't remove the core ones that made us all love those games.. dont force us into this, let us pick the map and everyone will be happy.. From 100M players monthly, to losing above 60+ millions players in few weeks, i miss the 2020 Warzone with bunker codes they were super fun..

    I hope MW2 will not disappoint, hopefully there's less RavenSoftware/Caldera/Vanguard influence, or just Verdansk to return someday..

  23. Remember when Warzone was casual and fun 😭

  24. This was a “you just had to be there” moments

  25. Don't be sad it ended, be thankful it happened.

  26. rip to the people that didnt play this warzone

  27. The Cold war integration ruined everything

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