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Oh god, we’re IN midladder

Orange Juice Gaming
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Trainer OJ strikes again and pushes from Legendary Arena 5000 to 5600 Challenger.
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  1. “Split spear goblins? I’ll split your cheeks >:(“

  2. Uhhhh masters isn’t beating the game, sorry oj

  3. “Split spear goblins? I’LL SPLIT YOUR CHEEKS”


  4. In arena 9 I fought ppl with lvl 12 cards u ight lvl 9 cards at 5000

  5. essa semana vou subir de trofeuss ate 7.000

  6. Bruh he filmed this video like 2 months ago it was still in the Mighty Miner season lol

  7. alternative name of the video: oj fights with actuall midladder with p2w arena 1 deck (and is surprised of level 12/13 cards lol)

  8. The title: "Oh god, we`re IN midladder"

    That one kid named "midladder": Oh god

  9. oj at 3:30: ill let the spirit connect

    the minion: Do you think im a joke

  10. 3:30 ohh now that that electro spirit conected … what e spirit? 🤨

  11. im at 5100 trophies and I get matched with all lvl 14s (the average level of my deck is like 11-12)

  12. there's no way oj beat my pb without losing just with level 14 ;-;

  13. I litterly am in chal 1 and go against maxed players without any max lvls

  14. For those of you guys who say Oj is being a menace but in reality he is showing those level 14 megakights and e-barbs who's the actually the menace to society. Truly a humble and godly form of Oj.

  15. Hi OJ, I just beat arena 12 after being stuck for 2 years. Whoo! 🍊😀👍 I wish I had access to my mothers credit card like you 😂

  16. "Perfect, now i can build up elixer for the GOLEM PUSH" "Golem???"

  17. Find out in the next episode of dragon ballz – oj

  18. I’m still in the pain of high challenger 2 also I recon it would be cool if you an episode where you try out your subscribers decks

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