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Optimizing UE4 for Fortnite: Battle Royale – Part 1 | GDC 2018 | Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine
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Fortnite has served as a development sandbox for UE4, and in this presentation from GDC 2018 we explore the effort involved with taking FNBR from 30fps to 60fps on consoles.

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  1. When the pve part will become free? Or will it remain buy-to-play and get rid of free-to-play mechanics?

  2. can someone send this to pubg so they can fucking learn how to run a god damn game

  3. James Goling sounds almost like James Holden beltalowda!

  4. Why call it significance when academic papers describe this concept as interest?

  5. We want people to play Fortnite on any platform… Then why don't you do so?

  6. If you want for everyone to play on all platforms, is fortnite coming to switch?

  7. Thank you for very informative video, it was like hearing David Copperfield explaining step by step how he made Statue of Liberty dissaper on the down low xD

  8. PUBG suddenly gets better because the team learn how to make a fucking game properly

  9. Guy talks fast like he's in a hurry. Good contente tho

  10. So, when you supporting mobile platform. it's planned to release Fortnite on @NintendoSwitch? 😉

  11. Man I have almost no idea what any of it means but I just keep watching.

  12. Fortnite in development for years? I thought the story was it took 2 months to make?

  13. Anyone in the comments saying 'Bluehole take notes", know literally nothing about game design.

  14. You keep making may whole PC crash every time I get on fortnite

  15. Tgus enreal engine improve fortnite experience?

  16. Is it necessary to install Unreal engine from Epic Games in order to reach the maximum performance in Fortnite?

  17. well i still cant play it cuz im a poor pc player…

  18. I am a developer of BR games, have some pack for developer, which helps in selecting part of weapons and pick up objects, build things like in game fortnite …

  19. Please make it lower than iPhone 6s, I have an iPhone 6

  20. Can someone tell me how to find the blueprint of the whole code of the game? Or at least the weapon recoil and drop rate system?

  21. This dude could easely be Tom Riddle in a spesific age

  22. Too long of a video for the question people keep asking. Will downloading this engine improve fortnite? If no, then what the hell we need it for? Thanks if anyone can answer this!

  23. Epic game really gotta find a way to make blue prints as fast as native c++… maybe a translate to code feature? Also Apex is picking speed, because it's free, it reminds people of the of halo, cod, days… Apex flaw is that it cannot run on slow pcs. I say Epic game ready an FTP Game battle royale with only 30 players, smaller maps, single mode, tripples, duels and quads. at the lobby 90 players, give them 3 choices to jump into map 1, 2 ,3. If map 1 is already full player can only select map 2 and 3…till all the maps gets filled up. Also player need to have a default weapon.

  24. why laptop players only get 30 fps on lowest ? i have to play on 300×300 to get almoast 60 on all epic settings and i get 5 fps i just love how i get 20fps on team rumble to on ultra low

  25. 🍟🎁👻🐸🐰🐯🐻🐼🎃🎒🎍🎥⛺🗻🎡✈🚨💈⛽🗿📍💾📀🔦🔑🔏🚪🔫📦📊

  26. dumpticks enabled doesnt work! nothing comes up!

  27. Question??? • 7.7B views • 69 years ago says:

    They scaled visuals, but the old ones felt more cartoonish and nicer.

  28. The replication graph slide only shows for a fraction of a second, it's not really visible. Around 29 minutes 30 seconds in.

  29. Please bring back double pump. At least as a LTM

  30. Where's the mesh component update flag with "only tick pose when rendered" option?

  31. Does unreal engine boost fps on fortnite

  32. Nowadays I’m getting playdough models on drop with 15fps at the lowest settings.

    They really fucked up this games’ performance big time


    1:30 this is hilarious this is why you're my favorite youtuber

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