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  1. Oj can you please make a video about…
    How to counter a little prince, the micro interaction can be Very good and helpful 💯❤

  2. If you cant get lil prince skelly king is a great counter

  3. You know I’m starting to see why people don’t like draft 3 games in a row no good win con I got mega knight battle ram and e giant they had ebarbs

  4. i live for the little prince voicelines

  5. Every darn time i try to do a challange. It gives me an opponent with either mk or ebarb

  6. Do what they wouldn't expect, dont pick Little prince

  7. OJ, Where did you get that drippy zip up you were wearing at the start of the video

  8. Bro I fought Oj during this challenge but he didn’t put me in the video 😭

  9. Is it just me or OJ got a rework going from
    2000 hp to 1000 hp
    Dmg 200 to 350
    Hit speed from 2 sec to 1.3
    Speed from slow to fast
    And elixir from 7 to 4?
    The last time i saw one of his videos was like 2 years ago, you had a MASSIVE glow up OJ

  10. Paying 3 elixir for a musketeer with slightly more range and triple the dps is super balanced

  11. What's that in the back man looks kind of suspicious

  12. They need the champion hunter unit from coc to counter little prince

  13. Use monk ability once LP is about to ramp up the first time to full kill it

  14. I just realised champions are the only cards with word voice lines

  15. Legit only times i lost were when they chose little prince. Even then the only way i lose then is if my other cards in draft are all dookie

  16. This game feels so soulless these days, I think he knows too.

  17. what happens if u little prince ability on the monk ability

  18. Every time I lost it was because little prince

  19. OJ isn’t pregnant, but he never fails to evade the IRS

  20. OJ make a video on how to counter little prince…

  21. For the throne, protect the heir🗿

    -Says the gigachad bodyguard.

  22. I like it when oj does reviews of the new season
    I don't think he did for this season

  23. As a person i can conform little prince busted it can fairly solo mega knight

  24. Need a video on Little prince depth guide

  25. little prince is best used as defense I think. 3 elixir rapid damage ranged behind the tower sounds good since you cant kill it with cheap spells

  26. Me who got 10 wins… The only reason I lost was because out of the 13 matches I did, only in 4 of them I got the Little Prince…

  27. > Drop little prince at bridge
    > Activate ability
    > Tower down

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