Playing Clash Royale for the First Time in Years! -

Playing Clash Royale for the First Time in Years!

Judo Sloth Gaming
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Clash Royale is very different from when I last played, well before the Champions Update. Judo Sloth Gaming downloads Clash Royale to battle as a Noob player for just 10 matches. This is purely meant for fun as I have not played Clash Royale for years; I recorded one video around 18 months ago however prior to that it was 4 years since I played. Essentially only for a few months when the game first launched. I hope this one makes you laugh, I actually had lots of fun making it. Enjoy!

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  1. OJ is watching this having the laugh of a lifetime here

  2. I'm laughing so hard when he said There is two guys in the back of the Rascals 🤣🤣

  3. When your on the chest screen click the crown in the top left

  4. The end of that last game was one of the most cinematically perfect finishes I've seen in a while.

  5. Opps i think he will be confirmed to spend 1gem

  6. I love when you try other games apart from coc.
    It's hilarious how you play and struggle but entertaining good content and everything good job bro
    Can't wait to see more.

  7. I can’t stop laughing when he says magic archer and it’s a princess

  8. Mega knight
    Judo : no that’s dark prince

  9. I love that he said magic archer instead of princess

  10. Lowkey it frustrates me how bad he is at the game

  11. This video make me worried for your mental well being you played goblin gang into a wizard

  12. I feel so good that I am better then just sloth at clash Royale (I have 5,000+ trophies)

  13. Judi cld u do this with brawl stars?! Please

  14. Judo please don't go into the loophole of CR vids, pls keep doing great COC vids I love them

  15. Uk the person ia chad when he playz log bait on first game

  16. « Poison the magic archer! Poison it! » bro it’s a princess

  17. I remember when cr first came out it was so hype

  18. He’s already experienced the rage induced with e giant

  19. Want to say not to be rude or anything I play this game dayly and that’s not a magic archer it’s a princess 👸

  20. His King tower is level 11 in jungle arena while my king tower level is 10 in Champion II

  21. He experienced Egiant trauma for the first time

  22. Judo experiences egiant players for the first time. He's becoming one of us

  23. Me seeing Judo playing coc : Bruh the best, teach me master
    Playing CR : Fo noob

  24. My friend do you have a clash royale disctionary or we need buy it for you

  25. Try to use your defence in mid so the attacking card should get damege from both towers

  26. I played the game when it came out because I played clash of clans

  27. I m happy , i just found someone noob than me😂.

  28. Judo : says magic archer to " Princess "
    Meanwhile magic archer : Am I joke to you .

  29. I hope you all enjoyed me ‘trying’ Royale again, if we do more videos I’d definitely need help from all of you

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