PLAYING Clash Royale on a FRIDGE 🍊 -

PLAYING Clash Royale on a FRIDGE 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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Playing Clash Royale on a refrigerator.

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  1. Forget clash royale lets talk about the fridge

  2. OJ:”takes apple from fridge when oranges are right next to them” Still doesn’t take orange. Me:Disappointed

  3. Bet OJ melted his toilet after that session i mean whose stomach can handle coffee coke cheese and apple 🤯

  4. hahahahahahaaha so fenny 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  5. oj the whole video: thats it i pushed on the right side
    it was on the left side

  6. Play clash Royal or Brawl stars in toilette please hahaha


  8. He will go to toilet for ages after this video

  9. OJ flexing that he can drink water while he plays LoL

  10. Love how he’s just getting destroyed by a lvl 14 egiant and he’s just calmly going through his fridge

  11. Honestly I’m taking ram ryder as not a win condition because she does damage to other units

  12. Alternative title: I love my fridge
    Or maybe its sponsored😁

  13. Bro you not even playing those are clips of you playing

  14. It’s always nice to see oj spend my family’s entire yearly income on a game kn 2 hours

  15. OJ has oranges in his refrigerator he is eating his own kind😶

  16. this video was one big tax writeoff and I respect it

  17. OJ: i lost 13 pounds, i know

    Also OJ: drinks coffee, 2 glasses of water and drinks a coke

    Eats an apple, some cheese, ETC.

  18. Yeah ice wizard is op with the fridge dlc buff

  19. Can you make orange juice in the fridge

  20. this video is about oj flexing with his fridge and dishwasher😅

  21. People in 1970: cars can fly in 50 year's.

    50 years later, people buy a $4k Fridge to play Clash Royale on it.

  22. God is good spread his word and his love and stay safe and keep on loving it's a blessing that you woke up today thank God for it you don't know what God is doing but someday you will know stay safe and keep on loving ☺️

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