playing fortnite on school laptop -

playing fortnite on school laptop

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The Best School Laptop Fortnite Player


  1. It’s not a school computer it’s a setting I saw it on a YouTube video


  3. School laptops don’t have any dedicated graphics, especially not those of nividia.

    Stop playin man you don’t even understand what you did

  4. You still have 500fps and 0 ping but just bäđ ğŕåphįçş

  5. that shit fake those are ultra low graphics not a school laptop

  6. Why your school laptop have a Nvidia gpu

  7. Nahh bro don’t need 500 fps he has more like how do you even make your game look like that he must have 1000 fps on the lowest graphics possible😊

  8. POV: you:mom can I get a pc

    Mom:no we have one at home😂😂😂😂😂

  9. fake sincie you need a nvidia gpu to get these graphics

  10. bros moving frame by frame with 0 ping😭

  11. Bros mom had to break the pc for mats

  12. It's probably not a school laptop it's probably a gaming laptop or an bad laptop

  13. I don’t need 500 fps or 0 ping I need potato mode

  14. It ain’t that you don’t need 500 fps, it’s that you don’t need realistic looking builds.

  15. What are those edits and building I would clap you at the game your a bum 1v1 me

  16. how to make fornite look like your playing on a brown item from a public toilet

  17. No fr though how you get your game to look like that

  18. Wood❌️
    Metal ❌️
    Paper ❌️
    Cardboard ✔️

  19. It’s not actually his school laptop you can get them on pc on a website they are called potato graphics and they wouldn’t look like that good on a school computer

  20. I dont think your mom knows what pcs are worth💀

  21. Bro kept his school laptop from 6th grade💀

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