Playing the Most Popular Battle Royale Games You've Never Heard Of! -

Playing the Most Popular Battle Royale Games You’ve Never Heard Of!

The Gaming Merchant
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Playing the Most Popular Battle Royale Games You’ve Never Heard Of!

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  1. Creative destruction what an original game…

  2. Merchants reaction to the second game lol

  3. Because “most popular” and “you’ve never heard of” don’t directly contradict each other. Nice title mate

  4. Merchant when are you and teddy gonna grind that creative destruction ranked lul

  5. i have heard about this games but never played it LOL

  6. this video is of gaming merchant from another universe where there's nothing such as apex

  7. I found king of crabs about 2 months ago and it is weirdly fun to play

  8. Please play more Super Animal Royale, it sometimes has that Apex feeling in it, it's very quick game 🙂

  9. "It seems a little weeby but we'll give it a try" I felt that

  10. They were all good except the fortnite ripoff, thats just dogshit terrible lmao no creativity idk why he played it even, probably because he was more interested on how much of a ripoff it was lol

  11. Are you sure that your not playing copied games?

  12. Those games in the thumbnail looked really good & fun especially the crab game !

  13. yooo super animal royale is one of my favorite games

  14. Was not expecting the vietnamese thats epic

  15. I just love how he third partied that poor crab

  16. I saw super animal royale, i clicked, good to see the game get noticed

  17. I actually have heard of King of Crabs, I believe IGP or GrayStillPlays had done a video play session 1 year ago.

  18. how is it popular if we never heard of it? -_-

  19. why are there cute animals killing each other with guns ?

  20. Who else think gaming merchant should play Hyper Scape?

  21. I heard that european servers are closed at certain times so maybe that's why you couldn't get a game in? for eternal return black survival.

  22. Sad to not see tabg in here. It is not that popular i guess.

  23. You should try spellbreak December 14 they are releasing it on steam

  24. How are they popular if we never heard of them dur to dur?

  25. That crab game low key looks incredibly fun. Also love this style of videos! Keep up the quality content Merchie Boy!

  26. Video was to short…I would've watched way more very interesting

  27. Ive actually played the crab game before a while back and i was real sweaty

  28. These cheap Chinese knockoffs are so fucking bad dude…

  29. “You think we could 1v1 that crab?” Had me dying 😂

  30. haaaa I clicked because I have played Super Animal Royale. Yeah, it is different from Apex but it still is kinda fun even though they don't have a lot of people playing it. They just did a lot of updates and are about to be out of Early Access.

  31. Jesus Christ, Animal Royale is too cute for my heart to handle. Now I'm gonna go play Revenant to make up for this comment.

  32. 10:24 . that game feels so much like Rapture Rejects
    . you get try that BR .

  33. someone please make a grubhub ad but put merchants head bopping

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