playing the worst battle royale games on the internet. -

playing the worst battle royale games on the internet.

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I find and play some of the worst, most poorly made battle royale games on the internet, step aside Fortnite, your time is up. Who needs PUBG and Apex Legends when you have these groundbreaking rip-off titles?



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  1. Now i love this guy hahaha am new at this channel btw

  2. professional scratcher here, thank you for showing the cringe that exists on the dark-ish side of scratch.

    idk what else to say i just wanted to comment something

  3. I remember playing ripoff Fortnite games on scratch with my friends back in 2018.
    They were . . . interesting.

  4. I cant believe it, a rare exquisite frog fren that hasn't been [redacted]

  5. I finally finished all Joeseppi's vids

  6. I was fully expecting it to be just 10 minutes of fortnite gameplay

  7. here in 2022 its kind of calmed down as far as i know

  8. During my Computer science classes In year 8 I’d make actual good games on scratch just cause I yearned approval so bad so now there exists a 3D fighter pilot game on scratch I made during breaks and lunches and wasted a good 50 hours on. So that’s the story about my peak.

  9. mate ngl i love youre content but i whole heartly disliked this video shitting on little kids creations isent really fun…

  10. The first add that appeared was a fortnite free vbucks scam

  11. You can't blame scratch games for being bad, the visual coding system is made for kids to learn and it does not support 3D models, so everything has to be 2D

  12. YouTube asked me to rate this suggestion. I rated it only YouTube video in existence

  13. I just searched up Mini Royale and what do I see… hacks for the game, some people

  14. I remember one time my friend got his chromebook taken away from playing this

  15. Funny the way I got a Fortnite spin off ad at the start of this vid lol

  16. I thought joeseppi’s first video would be absolutely so bad but this is so funny

  17. Fortnite Pubg. And i thought where the hell is Warzone?. Then i saw the date XD

  18. "io" means that the game is singleplayer and all of the "people" are bots

  19. You should create your own bell road game in scratch

  20. First mistake of the video: Using Google Chrome and Google as a search engine on top of that. They filter your search results, preventing you form finding the real dumpster shit.

  21. How to be a the best fortnite player : place random walls and ramps

  22. ROBLOX!!!
    how could you forget about roblox?

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