PUBG is still the Battle Royale King -

PUBG is still the Battle Royale King

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PUBG is feeling good. When it works, it works very well and in my opinion it’s still the best Battle Royale on the market. In terms of gunplay and tactics, it excels. NEW Easter Egg T-Shirt: Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching!


  1. Ring of elysuim is way better! It’s just a much better game all around

  2. Saying PUBG is the king of battle royale games is akin to saying herpes is the king of STDs.

  3. Every fortnite fanboy can be found here

  4. Glad you still play PUBG. Still my favorite videos you make, besides your BF4/BF3 videos. Keep up the good work jack!

  5. Jack you should try cook your smokes like you can with nades. I only play console but it breaks the smoke alot faster, So its great for quick revives ect…

  6. Dogshit game. Csgo battle royal is better

  7. The Ultimate BattleRoyale is Russian Roulatte

  8. Great video Jack! 👍Totally agree with you about the Battle Royale title. PUBG is amazing, we still play it thanks to cool people like you. 😄

  9. Wait…..your t shirt……are you come by to America land?

  10. my quadriplegic cousin has better movement mechanics than this game

  11. After the long 1 year death of OCE servers, when they brought back random maps i was so happy. This game is actually really fun, and is better than ever.

  12. After the long 1 year death of OCE servers, when they brought back random maps i was so happy. This game is actually really fun, and is better than ever.

  13. Looks like someone is never played Minecraft 🙂

  14. But why do people play with the scar in secondary and kar in primary slots…?

  15. Jack, why does the voice audio sound a bit off/strange when only listening with one earphone ?Things sound a bit muffled when I only have right in or only using left.

  16. I think Jack meant he was the king of PUBG.

  17. So your the dumbass that says nades no mames homeboy just say gernades panochon

  18. Great game, appalling gun sounds though, sounds like a commodore 64 game !

  19. sadly not in aus and new zealand. pubg has stopped supporting our player base and now we cant even play the game it sucks and a sad thing to see.

  20. PUBG still looks as shit as always.
    I wouldn't be able to understand how people still continued to play this game if not for the fact that there hasn't been a better battle royale game released yet.

  21. "Lil peep killed Lil peep" damnnn too soon guy

  22. I need your pc @jackfrags then i would love it to play pubg 😃😅 now i have shitty fps😂

  23. Ring of elisyum is by far better than pubg. BY FAR

  24. What's up bro ! You made this video 11 months ago and I was wondering if your opinion has changed. Is pubg still the king or has warzone taken over.

  25. I downloaded the mobile version the other day and its really growing on me. Even though I've got a really nice 32 inch gaming monitor, I cant help whipping out my phone and playing some pubg.

  26. Knock out on the court baby. That was the real shit.

  27. i agree with your video title pubg is still the best

  28. PUBG: Im still the Battle Royale King!
    Warzone: hold my beer…

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