PUBG is still the Battle Royale King -

PUBG is still the Battle Royale King

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PUBG is feeling good. When it works, it works very well and in my opinion it’s still the best Battle Royale on the market. In terms of gunplay and tactics, it excels. NEW Easter Egg T-Shirt: Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching!


  1. Game sucks on PC and console yet it's the best lmao get a grip. Even Dr Disrespect and Shroud admit it sucks

  2. Hi y’all! I was wondering if anyone wants to be my online friends for pubg :,) I’m really trying to learn but it’s very boring playing by myself 🙁

  3. One of the guys you are playing with sounds like he should commentate golf… Fuck me 😂😂

  4. at 5:27 it reminded me of the scene in Pulp fiction where John Travolta and sam L Jackson both just open fire on the guy eating the burger

  5. In terms of tactics, gunplay, and scale it's the most realistic BR experience, it is a BR simulator.

  6. pubg was never the battle royale king… its embarrassing that you come from arma and you still think this hot garbage is good

  7. Battle Royal is still a shit gamemode. So yes. You're right.

  8. I can only assume 380+ likes for the Aug pronunciation 🙂

  9. Its also still the buggiest laggiest most terrible feeling video game in history.

  10. I wanted to buy this for 15$ but I didn't want to get shot in the back of the head from a guy hiding behind a window and tree.

  11. Wtf is up with you holding down the trigger the entire time instead of controlled bursts? What do you call this play style? Rambo? Onslaught? You do it in BF also. Looks like people straight up can’t deal with it though cause you murder dude.

  12. Till I can win 3 mill playing this I don’t think it’s the king lol but it is the most realistic

  13. Love your vids man. it is on PC, but console it is falling short. imo

  14. I literally clicked this video to tell you that this title is fucking false

  15. Hello, just popping by to say that PUBG is dead, and that your video title is bullshit. Have a good day.

  16. A shame that even to this day the game doesn't run even remotely as good as this on the Xbox One X.
    I gave up on this horrid mess a while back, it's never going to be 'good' on the Xbox, the developers are just not good enough to make it so.

  17. It’s really not tho lol it’s more of a joke

  18. PUBG is the worst Battle Royale ever. CHANGE MY MIND

  19. Your teammate sounds like Anton Chigurh

  20. You can ping to tell distance now…doesn't work In solos

  21. pubg shoud be only battle royale while battlefield shoud be battlefield and cod … cod should be banned 😀

  22. I was going to say can i join the team ? But i remembered that i dont play with noobs 😎

  23. how are you so good at this game but still manage to play like a noob? absolute legend.

  24. It sure as still got it i stoped playin it since the update i aint been on off it defo best br game eva

  25. Battle Royale is still LAME. Name itself "Battle Royale" is even lamiest

  26. Pubg is a game that i call "still in alpha " and will never be fully out of it

  27. I cant stop playing it. Soooo good. I beat my personal record on Xbox my I won a solo with 18 kills! Sorry to brag.😙

  28. 420 little fortnite boys dislike the video

  29. Pause at 2:56 , as you zoom in on the crawling guy in the field .. you'll see a downed guy also crawling the opposite direction in the tree line just past lol .

  30. Ring of elysuim is way better! It’s just a much better game all around

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