PUBG is still the best Battle Royale game... -

PUBG is still the best Battle Royale game…

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PUBG somehow is still the most intense Battle Royale out there. VERY difficult but so rewarding, this was a crazy end circle with @WillfromWork and @Tomographic Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. Played 2 rounds yesterday after years. 1 rounds placed 4th (bot Lobby).Seconds rounds a cheater shies Up in a car and destroyed my head while exiting the car….

  2. 7 yrs strong 9000 hrs nothing is like pubg

  3. 2:30 A dentists favourite time of the day 😂😂 Some classic British Wit right there

  4. Sooooo intense. Nice video and nice game

  5. Jack missed the opportunity to show us the replay of the last 1v1, that would've been interesting to see who's slugging where 😅

  6. 2nd best!

    Contractors Showdown takes 1st spot

  7. JackFrags try not to get people hype to play a game no-one’s thought of for eight years challenge (impossible)

  8. I quite the game after they completey removes belts for no reason. Most lazy out dated game ever. I'm done . Hell divers I better anyway

  9. I never played PUBG but this actually makes Battle Royales look fun

  10. why the hell when I get into a match there is full of hackers?

  11. This is why Cheating is awful… it robs you of this kind of experience

  12. That ending was absolutely unreal! Good stuff!

  13. Wow, not looked at PuBG for a long long time. Didn't know they've made an entire new engine. If only I was good enough to survive longer than 5 min after feet on ground, I'd probably love it 😛

  14. 1:27 Oh my God, I almost spit my beer all over my keyboard! 😂🤣

  15. Jack, your game sense 🤦‍♂️ It’s painful to watch 😅 I hope you keep playing and continue to improve! PUBG is still my favorite game (if/when I do play a game, this is what I play). Thanks for the video!

  16. The original erangal map is so much harder to spot enemies in final circled prone in grass etc😅

  17. the only problem i have with pubg is the sounds, sometimes you hear nothing and they are next to you or you hear them, but they are far away

  18. Has the follow mechanic not been around for a while ?

  19. Well said at the end.
    No other BR game comes close to this. Even with all the cheaters (that are in every online game, to be honest), PUBG remains the absolute best.
    It's just not for everyone.

  20. Your titles are getting ridiculous….This is the best, no that is the best, oh noo this is the best.

  21. Jack is no different than any of the rest of us "that outfit is a bit risque" IMMEDIATELY DOES A CAKE CHECK 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. I really want to get into PUBG but I keep having horrible stutters/frame drops every time I’m in a lobby. Especially early game. The game runs fine on range servers but any Battle Royal mode just tanks performance. Any advice?

  23. Original BR was brutally slow, the appeal of PUBG was that it was faster and you didn't have to install and play it on ARMA, naturally the competition made the game faster and faster but if you want that slow build intensity PUBG is still where it's at.
    I'm not patient enough to go back to it :P, but i still appreciate what it did.

  24. That end zone was insane, never had anything like that before. Thanks for watching, hope you guys enjoy the video

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