PUBG is still the BEST Battle Royale... -

PUBG is still the BEST Battle Royale…

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PUBG Solos.


Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound:
The Unexpected Guests – August Wilhelmsson

Sens: 33 (800 DPI) – 1.0 ADS
Mouse: Finalmouse Starlight Medium
Mousepad: LGG Saturn XXL
Keyboard: Wooting 60HE

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  1. I don't understand how you can full auto beam people in this game. The insane recoil on some of these guns and the fact that your optics bounce all over the screen and have a seizure if you ever try to fire while moving throws my aim off every single time 😭

  2. Loved the vid, once again asking you and Aculite to run some Tarkov together. Much love

  3. Just imagine being killed by a white t-shirt (usually new players) and then realise you've been killed by one of the best FPS players in this world. JUST IMAGINE!

  4. I don't like PUBG, but it's Handler material. Your videos are always so enjoyable.
    I literally orgasmed at 8:40

  5. i dont know what it is about handler’s videos, but all of them are so relaxing. hes so skilled which makes his gameplay so smooth, and his voice sounds calm and its nice to listen to. def one of my fav youtubers

  6. Now that the trend is starting to fall off, it will likely always be the best.

  7. No matter mobile or PC pubg will always have a special place in my heart ever since day one

  8. ryan you are uploading less about MWIII, what's wrong? you dont like cod anymore?

  9. Pubg is the best battle royale game ever imo

  10. Can't wait to see you hit 1M subs. I still remember watching you switch to mouse playing MW2019 and Warzone with Jolt. Super happy to see a genuine guy make it so far. Congratulations Slayed's friend lol

  11. I could literally watch you play any game and be entertained

  12. Day 7 of asking handler to use the longbow

    Slate reflector optic
    No stock
    Demo 650 grip
    Sonic suppressor
    DR-6 handstop

  13. day 6: asking handler to play lethal company

  14. Today I found out handler is Canadian

  15. Love the occasional pubg videos Handler, especially the duos with aculite! Me and my buddy have started playing this a lot more recently, was wondering if anyone can suggest the best gun of AR, SMG & Sniper please?

  16. thats pubg? holy shit they have improved that game a lot didnt they?

  17. Y’all think handler could play battlefield 4

  18. Who is better Aculite or Handler? 🤔 Great video love watching!!

  19. I would watch Handler trim a golf course with kitchen shears

  20. I wanna play pubg but the looting keeps me away its gotten me killed alot in the past and thats why i never go back but i love watching handler play it

  21. No other game has a high skill ceiling than builds fortnite

  22. Handler, can you show us your graphics settings

  23. Is there a reason he doesn’t take the extended quick draw mag at 4:24?

  24. Maaaaaaan between the recoil, length of the games, size of the maps, and time to kill, this game creates tension like none other. Picked it back up about a month ago and CANT PUT IT DOWN. So much fun.

  25. Pubg is an amazing game but did anyone ever play America's army? I don't know why it didn't become more popular.

  26. You should check out a game called blood strike. I think you will like it.

  27. Bro try out some zero build fortnite 😂

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